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The grotesque hypocrisy of Obama’s “Saint Sonia” strategy

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The Obama campaign has always sought to pander to racial grievances, whether racial or economic, and its Hispanic outreach efforts are no different.  No low is too low regarding its strategy of goosing voter turnout via racial grievance, and absolutely no one, not even a sitting Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court is exempt from being used in the furtherance of these despicable tactics. 

Here’s the latest OFA Hispanic outreach ad, which will air exclusively in Puerto Rican-heavy Central Florida (H/T Marc Caputo for story and transcript)


The script for Foot the Bill:

I’m Barack Obama and I approve this message. My name is Nydia. I’m an attorney and a “Boricua” (slang for Puerto Rican) I want to talk to you about Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. When she was nominated by President Obama, we all celebrated – Puerto Ricans and all Hispanics. But Mitt Romney was opposed to Sotomayor. He offended me when he stated he would have voted against her nomination. … and now he wants our vote for President? Mr. Romney, the time has come to pay the bill (FYI – this is a common Hispanic colloquial saying that is not personally offensive in Spanish)  [A more equivalent colloquialism is probably “pay the piper” -ed.]

To be clear, the predicate laid here is that opposition, for any reason whatsoever, to any Hispanic (candidate, appointee or nominee) is tantamount to racism.  The only exception, of course, is made for opposition to Hispanic Republican candidates or appointees, in which case it’s perfectly fine.
Exhibit A: Puerto Rico Resident Commissioner (non-voting member of Congress) Pedro Pierluisi is a go-to Democratic surrogate who often stumps in areas with heavy Puerto Rican populations.  This is what he had to say about voting for Hispanic Republicans (namely John Quiñones) at Alan Grayson’s campaign kick-off:
Of course, the Republican primary came and went.  Grayson went on to blow Quiñones out of the GOP primary after dumping $1.2 million worth of negative ads and racial mockery on his head…with Pierluisi’s silent complicity.
Exhibit B:  Let us never forget the despicable manner in which Senate Democrats torpedoed the nomination of Miguel Estrada to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.  Many of those same senators that warned against opposing Sotomayor filibustered Estrada, and internal memos showed that they did so for no other reason than his “dangerous” congruence of race and ideology.  Nothing is more dangerous to the institutional Left than prominent Hispanic not beholden to La Raza or any of the motley DEFs (hence Rubiogate), and it shows.
The Ricci case, one of the four red flags against Sotomayor, further proves the idiocy of the “ideological opposition as racism” narrative.  Recall the initial opinion with which Frank Ricci’s Title VII claim was dismissed:

“We affirm, substantially for the reasons stated in the thorough, thoughtful, and well-reasoned opinion of the court below. In this case, the Civil Service Board found itself in the unfortunate position of having no good alternatives. We are not unsympathetic to the plaintiffs’ expression of frustration. Mr. Ricci, for example, who is dyslexic, made intensive efforts that appear to have resulted in his scoring highly on one of the exams, only to have it invalidated. But it simply does not follow that he has a viable Title VII claim. To the contrary, because the Board, in refusing to validate the exams, was simply trying to fulfill its obligations under Title VII when confronted with test results that had a disproportionate racial impact, its actions were protected.”

So disturbing was this finding that one of Sotomayor’s colleagues had this to say in his dissent, which led to a full hearing before the Second Circuit and a Supreme Court reversal.

“The opinion contains no reference whatsoever to the constitutional claims at the core of this case, and a casual reader of the opinion could be excused for wondering whether a learning disability played at least as much a role in this case as the alleged racial discrimination,”…”This perfunctory disposition rests uneasily with the weighty issues presented by this appeal.”

This dissent was written by none other than Judge Sotomayor’s former mentor and law professor, Judge José Cabranes.  Who was, incidentally, born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.  I don’t recall any criticism of Judge Cabranes, or any accusations of racism (or race betrayal) levied against him.
The Left has no interest in championing Hispanics unless they are firmly in the liberal plantation.  Accordingly, we should take race-tailored appeals with a huge brick of salt.  The Obama campaign has every right to appeal to a sense of national pride identity amongst the voters targeted by this ad.  But such racial grievance pandering, is both disgusting and hypocritical, aside from being intellectually dishonest.
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El Tercer Riel (The Third Rail) — nice blog.

Blake on September 18, 2012 at 10:10 AM

Thanks, Blake.

Jorge Bonilla on September 18, 2012 at 11:48 AM

hispanics can be racists too, just ask La Raza

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