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Liberty Republicans Critical of Romney Statement He’d Keep in Place Parts of the ACA

posted at 11:44 am on September 10, 2012 by

Liberty Republicans in Minnesota, who elected a majority of delegates to the RNC in Tampa where Minnesota cast 33 of the state’s 40 delegates for Ron Paul, remain an organized force inside the MNGOP. Dedicated to the defeat of the collectivist programs, policies and philosophy of Barack Obama, Liberty Republicans are also dedicated to steering Republicans from collectivist programs, policies and philosophy.

Republicans win elections when we are true to republican principles. We do best for the country when we govern by republican principles. We live better when we live free.

Mitt Romney’s comments over the weekend that he would keep parts of “health care reform” and that he has his own plan for health care are contrary to republican principles of individual liberty and constitutional government. Will the Romney plan be “better” than the Obama plan? Very likely. However of greater importance is that endorsement of a Romney Plan is endorsement of government authority to manage health care.

Endorsement of a President Romney Health Care Plan is a backhanded endorsement of the legitimacy of ObamaCare. It is an endorsement that future administrations — Democrat and Republican — can implement health care programs with even greater centralized control. Endorsement of a Romney Plan is effectively legitimizing a single-payer system if that is “the will of the people.”

Standing in opposition to endorsement of government-controlled health care, Liberty Republicans issued the following press release this morning, Sept. 10.

For Immediate Release:

Liberty Republicans Critical of Romney Statement He’d Keep in Place Parts of the ACA

 Romney’s statement confirms that the most significant debate in American politics is within the Republican Party

( – A widely-circulated AP story citing Mitt Romney’s comments on NBC’s “Meet the Press” to the effect that he “doesn’t plan to repeal all of [President] Obama’s signature health care plan” and “there are a number of initiatives he likes in the Affordable Care Act that he would keep” drew the following sharp criticism from Liberty Republicans who made up the majority of Minnesota delegation to the RNC and cast 33 of the state’s 40 delegate votes for Ron Paul.

“Romney’s statement that he intends to replace ObamaCare with his own plan validates the Liberty Republican position that the general election is simply a contest of ‘my big government is better than your big government,’” said Marianne Stebbins, chair of Minnesota delegation to the RNC. “The Liberty Republican position is a Republican president should be taking about how we move away from government plans to a free-market health care system, not cherry picking bits and pieces of one big government plan to create another big government plan.”

“Cherry-picking bits and pieces of ObamaCare as Romney does compromises the fundamental principle of individual liberty and endorses the un-republican and extra-constitutional notion that government has the authority and the ability to manage individual health care decisions,” Stebbins added.

“Romney’s position confirms what Liberty Republicans have been saying for some time: The most significant debate in American politics today is not between the Democrat and Republican candidates for President; the most significant debate in American politics today is taking place within the Republican Party,” said Craig Westover, a delegate to the RNC elected at the MNGOP state convention running openly as a “Ron Paul delegate.” “The most significant debate in American Politics is between a genuine belief in individual liberty and limited government and exploiting liberty and limited government as expedient talking points.”

“Democrats are saying they can manage the economy and individual lives better than the market and individuals can,” said Westover. “Republicans are arguing we can manage the economy and individual lives better than Democrats can. The facts are it is not a constitutional function of the President and Congress to manage the economy, and the President and Congress cannot effectively manage an economy determined by tens of millions of individuals making hundreds of millions individual choices every day.”

“Government power is like Tolkien’s One Ring that controls them all,” said Stebbins. “Romney believes that unlike an ‘evil’ Obama, he can use the absolute power of government to create a ‘good’ health care plan. Liberty Republicans know better. We know power corrupts. The Republican objective should not be winning the election so Romney can impose his idea of ‘good’ on the American people. A Republican Romney should be about winning the election so he can throw the One Ring of government power into the fire of the Constitution.”

“Many Liberty Republicans have committed to support the endorsed Republican candidate,” noted Westover, “but ‘loyal support’ includes making it known when the candidate drifts from republican principles. A Republican candidate should not be talking about replacing one government plan with another; a Republican candidate should be talking about replacing a government plan with a free market approach to health care that puts health care decisions in the hands of individuals and their doctors.”

“We live better when we live free,” said Stebbins. “Romney’s position of cherry-picking ObamaCare is nether living better nor living free. It is not a republican position.”


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Romney intends to repeal all 2500 pages of have to pass it to find out what is in it.

Something is wrong with you if you want to twist what he said on meet the press into not repealing Obamacare, it is the republican house leadership and Paul Ryan that have said that the pre existing condition issue has to be dealt with, AND tort reform, and allowing insurance companies to have a lot more free market options, like allowing you to buy in groups, and buying insurance for other members of your family.

The 26 year old coverage is not free coverage to anyone, it’s an option used by parents whose kids are living at Home in the Obama new normal and don’t have good jobs. The parents PAY for this. Romney has repeatedly said that states should be able to come up with things they want and expect. Who in the media was it that said Romney had changed his mind? Parsing twists of a phrase, you people need medical care.

Fleuries on September 10, 2012 at 12:03 PM

Any excuse to continue to sabotage the GOP and throw the election to Democrats. These are not Republicans. They are renegades. And if they don’t like being called such, then they need to stop acting as such. Newsflash: the government is already involved in health care. And has been. It’s called Medicare and Medicaid. It’s called the FDA. So unless the Liberty whatever are demanding that all of that be absolutely abolished in the fires Mount Doom then they need to STOP looking for an excuse to focus their energy attacking the Republican nominee, who is the only person who has a chance of defeating Obama.

cicerone on September 10, 2012 at 12:07 PM

Sounds pretty much like what I have been saying. The only difference between Obamacare and Romneycare 2.0 will be who pays for it. It also legitimizes the Democrats power grabs. When Romney proposes a stimuless of his own, what will be left?

Republicans, preservative, preserving the the failed socialist state for future generations!
Paul Ryan, shifting the cost of today’s luxury onto the backs of future generations.
Ours will be the first generation to hand off to the next a worse life than what we inherited.

astonerii on September 10, 2012 at 1:15 PM

There you go again, Astonerii, spreading cheer throughout the land. We know your agenda is to discourage and demoralize, it sucks. You have no real candidate and no real plan. You just don’t like Romney’s..hmm, where have I heard that before?

Mitsouko on September 10, 2012 at 1:38 PM

Well, we tried progressive light (R) in the past. I do not like the results.

astonerii on September 10, 2012 at 2:09 PM

Out of 2060 plus pages it only stands to reason that there would be something worth reworking in that legislation. It would be difficult, even for the Democrats, to draft that many pages and not incorporate at least one or two provisions that might be useful and viable.

The GOP has said all along that they intend to REPEAL and REPLACE ObamaCare.

If some of the REPLACE material is actually covered, incidentally, in the ACA legislative language, that’s fine. It probably just means that the Democrats were already anticipating some of the free market reforms the GOP was going to implement anyway and wished to take credit for them or at least prevent the GOP from getting the credit for ideas that actually lower the cost of quality health care services as well as health care insurance.

The ability to purchase health care insurance across state lines, portability, tax equalization, and tort reform,as well as opening up various risk pools and offering the consumer greater choice, will all serve to actually bring down the cost of health care insurance and health care services.

Arbitrary panels, like the IPAB, that are empowered to set cost without regard to the human cost are not a viable option. Particularly when those ‘savings’ are then meted out in order to extend preventative and reproductive care ( like ‘free’ birth control) to healthy, working aged adults with the means to pay for it themselves.

Its prudent to use what works, and discard that which doesn’t work or is actually harmful.

thatsafactjack on September 10, 2012 at 3:34 PM

thatsafactjack on September 10, 2012 at 3:34 PM

And the ones who said replace never got my me excited.

astonerii on September 10, 2012 at 3:41 PM