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We’re Baaack!

ACORN is still alive!  According to CJ Ciaramella of The Washington Free Beacon,”many of ACORN’s affiliates, allies, and old chapters remain active under different names—and at least two have received federal dollars—despite the left-wing community-organizing group’s official dissolution and ban on receiving federal funds, according to a new report.”

Ciaramella also pointed out in his column, published yesterday, that “Cause of Action, a nonprofit government watchdog group, recently identified 174 active or rebranded ACORN affiliates, as well as organizations that share former ACORN staff.”  This group is banned from political activity, but the revolving door surrounding this recent discovery have people like Michael Vadum, “an investigator for the Capital Research Center who has tracked ACORN, called the revolving door of staff among old ACORN affiliates and their political activities quite incestuous and corrupt.”

One organization called:

MHANY Management, Inc. shares the same IRS identification number as the erstwhile New York ACORN Housing Company, Inc. The name changed between the group’s 2007 and 2008 tax filings.

MHANY partners with New York Communities for Change (NYCC), another renamed ACORN affiliate. HUD has approved it as a housing counselor.

The executive director of New York Communities for Change is former New York ACORN official Jon Kest, brother of former ACORN national director Steve Kest. A 2011 Fox News report described NYCC employees shredding documents and removing any items related to ACORN after a previous report exposed the group’s ties to both ACORN and the Occupy Wall Street protests.

New York Communities for Change received funds from the New York Foundation, Mertz Gilmore Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Long Island Community Foundation, and the Edward W. Hazen Foundation.

The group has also received considerable funding from unions, including $500,000 from the United Federation of Teachers to campaign against charter schools.

The late Russian economist Yegar Gaidar once told Heritage Foundation co-founder Paul Weyrich that “just because the Soviet Union went away doesn’t mean these people have gone away.”  It appears that same sentiment rings true concerning Acorn’s new existence.

Mr. Vadum also posted on his blog his own list of “old” and  “new” Acorn groups–which are both works in progress.

He also posted on CRC last Friday that:

 Another key ACORN ally is #41, Catalist LLC.  Catalist is a political consultancy that has close ties to George Soros and his billionaire leftists’ club, the Democracy Alliance. Catalist aggregates voter information for left-wing get-out-the-vote organizations such as ACORN, MoveOn, Sierra Club, EMILY’s List, Center for Community Change, Service Employees International Union, USAction, the League of Conservation Voters, NARAL Pro-Choice America, and the AFL-CIO. Catalist specializes in “microtargeting,” a data-intensive system that political candidates use to track individual voters and identify potential supporters. Some say Catalist was instrumental in helping Democrats win back control of Congress six years ago. ACORN is (or was) a client of Catalist.

Judicial Watch has also been following this story.  In their August 2011 report “The Rebranding of Acorn,” they report that:

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued a highly controversial decision stating that the federal ban on funding for ACORN and its affiliates (as articulated in Section 418 of the 2010 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Appropriations Act of 2010) was not grounds for withholding federal funding from AHCOA [formerly know as Acorn Housing].16

Housing-related grants to non-profit organizations by NeighborWorks are still frozen since the GAO decision, pending further resolution. However, the organization has already re-listed Affordable Housing Centers of America as an authorized foreclosure assistance agency on its website. In February 2011, the House Financial Service Committee proposed defunding NeighborWorks, but no action has been taken on that recommendation.

News Note. On March 1, 2011, HUD awarded a $79,819 grant to AHCOA to “educate the public and housing providers about their rights and obligations under federal, state, and local fair housing laws.” Although the grant was reportedly for AHCOA, the government’s website listing federal expenditures identifies the organization receiving the $79,819 grant as “ACORN Housing Corporation Inc.” and lists ACORN’s New Orleans, Louisiana, address.17 So the flood of federal funds continues to ACORN affiliates thanks to Obama – and at least one other ACORN-connected Obama administration official.

Courtesy of Judicial Watch

They just changed the name.  That was easy.


Courtesy of Judicial Watch



Courtesy of Judicial Watch

Courtesy of Judicial Watch

You can find the whole report here.

I wonder if these new Acorn entities will continue the embezzling, voter fraud, electioneering, and complicity in underage prostitution that led to the demise of the original organization.  I guess one could dream.


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Nothing new here, I’m sorry to say. Mr. O’Keefe did a yeoman’s job exposing Acorn as the vermin they are. The MSM duly spouted the libertard line by telling us Acorn was dead and gone. BS! Acorn is alive and well, more corrupt and dangerous than ever. Like the cockroaches they are (apologies to real cockroaches) they’ve gone to ground. They have crawled below the radar, changed their name but not their stripes, and have become an even more corrupt, lying, subversive group than ever before. Friends, Acorn is still with us, more corrupt and dangerous than ever, so they cannot be written off or thought of as a harmless organization, as they, Obamao, and the MSM would dearly love us to believe. I wish I knew how we can effectively counter Acorn, but this is a free country (for as long as we wish to keep it that way) so the “rule of law” bastardized as it is today, is our only weapon.

rpjkw11 on August 29, 2012 at 8:38 AM

I predicted this would happen over at Michelle Malkins web site a couple of years ago.

The Hydra lives.

MichaelGabriel on August 29, 2012 at 12:58 PM

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