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Hey, I Voted For Steelman

posted at 4:44 pm on August 19, 2012 by

So, this is breaking on Twitter and on Hot Air. I first want to apologize for the Missouri Republican Party in nominating Todd Akin. I think we’re all entitled to make mistakes. Remember, to err is human. In our defense, please be aware that roughly two-thirds of Missouri Republican primary voters voted for somebody else. For the record I voted for Sarah Steelman and… I’ll let Patrick Ishmael, tell you who he voted for (hint: not Akin).

I’m really pro-life, but saying things like “legitimate rape” really doesn’t help our side. If you want to make the case that abortion shouldn’t be allowed even in cases of rape and incest, you have to be really sensitive to this issue and delicate in how you explain things.

Look, we all have verbal flubs, but this was really dumb. If he had any sense (all though I wouldn’t hold my breath) and if the law allows, I hope he drops out and the party replaces him. Claire is eminently beatable, but it would help to get… 10% of the women’s vote.

P.S.-If I’m coming off across as a nervous nellie that is eager to eat his own side. I didn’t wail and moan about the Ryan pick (I had concerns, I wanted Jindal, but I’m fully on board with the ticket), but in order to be fair, you have to call them like you see them and as I see it, this was a horrible move. Why Todd, why?


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