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In FL-9, only John

posted at 11:48 am on August 2, 2012 by

The primary season has reached its apex, and the time has come to narrow our choices down.  So it is here in the freshly-minted Ninth Congressional District of Florida, and its upcoming GOP primary.

The Institutional Left has already cast its lot with Alan Grayson (D-Occupy), the infamous Bill Maher and MSNBC-loving lout who was last run out of Congress after one embarrassing term.  Local observers should seriously question why Grayson was allowed to carpetbag his way into the 9th (he lives in Dr. Phillips but owns rental property in Hunter’s Creek) at the expense of Darren Soto, who has represented portions of the district in the Florida House (multiple terms) and is clearly a much more viable candidate than Mr. Die Quickly.  But I digress.

While the GOP field features several notable candidates, none match John Q’s record within the district. In his endorsement of Quiñones, Cristian Cámara (AKA Reaganista) notes his fiscally sound tenure in the Florida House as well as his efforts to promote small business creation since joining the Osceola County Commission.  This is one of the reasons why I enthusiastically endorse John Q in the GOP primary and beyond.  John is crystal clear on the Separation of Powers, and Congress’ duty to provide oversight and clarification to the Executive when it decides to overreach.  This clip originally aired two weeks in advance of the Supreme Court’s horrific ObamaCare ruling.  Needless to say, John Q gets it.

I noted the other reason back in April, which is basically this:

Grayson and the Left are absolutely terrified at the thought of running against a conservative Hispanic in the 9th (and this cowardly ad confirms it).  It is plainly clear that Grayson carpetbagged his way into the 9th on the hopes of an easy return path to Congress, in which he could coast on the backs of the district’s Hispanic (heavily Puerto Rican) population.  Thing is, Quiñones has run (and won) along Semoran Boulevard, Azalea Park, Meadowwoods and Buena Ventura Lakes; the very districts that Grayson MUST win in order to return to Congress.  Grayson also miscalculated by assuming that a Puerto Rican surrogate (in this case, Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi) would somehow inspire Puerto Rican residents of the 9th CD to vote against a historic fifth Boricua in Congress.  The blowback was swift and terrible.

Against Quiñones, Alan Grayson will have no other choice than to run on his record, which is irredeemably tethered to that of President Barack Obama…hence the pre-primary attack ads.  Stripped of the opportunity to play the racial grievance card, I expect that Grayson’s congressional aspirations will suffer the same fate as the purported victims of his imagined “Republican health plan”…and die quickly.

Because he is the only conservative that has a winning chance against the national embarrassment that is Alan Grayson, I enthusiastically endorse John Quiñones for Congress.


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Love it, love it, love it! “John Q for the Public!”


Mary in LA on August 2, 2012 at 1:53 PM

A cogent summary Mr. Bonilla, I salute you!

Difficultas_Est_Imperium on August 2, 2012 at 1:59 PM

Grayson is hilarious. I was watching who was going to run where at the Green Papers,
(a great way to follow natl elections) in FL, Grayson moved his registration from CD to CD (with the changing redistricting maps) till he found one that he was not going to be running against an incumbent.

KenInIL on August 3, 2012 at 11:40 AM