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Zombie alert: Man tries to chew woman’s face off; a murderer strips

posted at 12:35 pm on July 3, 2012 by

Those who thought that they had seen the last of the cannibal craze and wanton acts of public nudity should think again. Two news reports have surfaced, both from eastern China, one centering on a drunken man who attempted to gnaw off a woman’s face, the other on naked murderous rage stemming from romantic jealousy and suspected infidelity.

Zombies first. The website of the Malaysia Chronicle reports that a bus driver in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, went temporarily mad after drinking heavily at lunch with friends. The man, identified only as Dong, rushed onto the street near a bus station in Ouhai District. He blocked a car driven by a female identified as Du, climbed onto to the hood, and started pounding at the windshield while the terrified driver inside screamed.

When Du emerged from her car, planning to flee on foot, Dong jumped on her, causing them both to topple to the ground, where Dong began gnawing on her face (photo here).

Passersby attempted to separate the assailant and victim, but it was not until police arrived that Dong was finally subdued.

Grainy photos shot by a bystander capture scenes from the bizarre attack and its aftermath. One shows an hysterical Du sitting on the ground, her face covered with blood. Another shows Dong lying on his side, his hands cuffed behind him.

Du was taken to an area hospital, where she will likely need to undergo plastic surgery to repair tears to her nose and lips.

The second tale, which emanates from Shandong province, focuses on a jealous 38-year-old woman who attempted to murder her husband’s suspected lover—and succeeded in killing the woman’s 4-year-old daughter—by running the pair down with her car.

The Daily Mail reports that the assailant, Zhang Shih, remained on the scene after the deliberate collision, which sent both pedestrians flying. Police note that when an ambulance arrived to take Zhang’s victims to the hospital, she stripped naked for some reason, then lay down on the street in front of the vehicle to block its path. She also allegedly punched a paramedic treating her younger victim, who later died of her injuries.

Zhang, an elementary school teacher and herself mother of two, is facing murder and attempted murder charges. If found guilty she faces the death penalty. “This was no crime of passion,” a prosecutor is quoted as saying. “She stopped the two victims from receiving medical treatment for nearly half an hour.”

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They can all take pictures but no one can help the victim? There appears to be chairs there. All you had to do is pick one up and knock the attacker off her.

As to the naked lady, I wonder if she will be sentenced to death? They don’t mess around over there.

Blake on July 3, 2012 at 1:47 PM

“She stopped the two victims from receiving medical treatment for nearly half an hour.”

She’s naked. She has no weapons. Why didn’t the cops just drag her butt out of the way and allow the ambulance to proceed?

Blake on July 3, 2012 at 1:49 PM