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DREAMs From The Amateur

posted at 4:42 pm on June 18, 2012 by

President Barack Obama’s recent immigration announcement was not just an obvious craven pander to Hispanics designed to rapidly muster a dwindling base.  It was also an amateur move which may well poison the waters of our immigration policy debate for decades to come.

First of all, let us dispense with the narrative that this was an organic move, an “evolution” á la Obama’s gay marriage.  It was not.  I will posit that the move was long planned, and well-baked into the current electoral cake.  I know this is true because the immigration announcement rollout almost mirrors Obama’s gay-marriage pattern.  There was a celebrity fundraiser (at Marc Anthony’s), a conveniently-timed newsweekly splash piece, and a post-facto celebrity endorsement.  If you look closely enough, you’ll even find a “Sasha and Malia” reference.  There was no coming-out sitdown interview, though.  None was needed this time because Obama tipped his hand way back in Cartagena, as the rest of the world tittered at Hookergate.


When the President of the United States interjects “but” after “we are a nation of laws”, it is further factual evidence of his contempt for the Rule of Law…which should be of no surprise to anyone, given this regime’s track record.  In a sane world, people come out of their skulls.  In this one, our sycophant media hails the politics of lawlessness and calls it good optics.  Instead we should be asking, as loudly as possible, what kind of message this sends to those who paid the price to come to this country legally.  How do we look people in the eye and continue to say that we respect the Rule of Law?  (Full disclosure: I support the Rubio plan.)

The amateurishness of this decision is self-evident in its utter destruction of any good will and consensus for short-term political gain.  In a nutshell…Marco Rubio, David Rivera, and Raúl Labrador were kneecapped so that god-king Barack might have his very own “Mission Accomplished” moment at this week’s NALEO conference in Orlando.

I can’t wait to see how the Administration is going to “seasonally adjust” 800,000 to 1.4 million new job-seekers off the labor participation rate…but wait.

Cecilia Muñoz, the newly-appointed director of Domestic Policy Council, said the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has not completed all of the steps necessary to close the cases, and that preliminary numbers released to some media outlets on Thursday could either increase or decrease once the procedure is done.

“We’re talking about a process that’s just starting,” Muñoz said in Spanish during a roundtable with Latino media outlets. “DHS has said they’re still conducting background checks and other procedures, so these are not the final numbers.”


DHS is set to extend the program to immigration courts across the nation in the coming months, but Muñoz says that the preliminary results of the pilot program should not be used as an indicator of how many people could benefit from the nationwide review.

“We didn’t start with an idea of what percentage [of cases would be closed] because that’s something that needs to be decided case-by-case,” she said.  “It’s impossible to start with a certain idea about how many people will fall under each category because it’s something that can’t be determined in advance.”

Still, Muñoz says that if those do end up being the results nationwide, roughly 40,000 cases would be closed. She added that individuals whose cases are closed can apply for a work permit, but that “nothing is guaranteed” since they are still subject to existing laws.

You don’t suppose that this Administration would, in the heat of a brutal reelection, roll out a high-profile executive action that gets a lot of people’s hopes up only to later dissapoint and not cover nearly as many people as expected…would you?

I leave you with remarks I recently made while calling in to Stan Galarza’s morning show, which seem even more prescient today.  Hit the CC button if you “no habla”.



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Well, Obama succeeded in changing the topic from the economy. Though I’m not sure if this will help him.

MrX on June 18, 2012 at 5:05 PM

So Illegal aliens get special privileges meanwhile legal aliens jump thru hoops spend thousands of dollars to do the right thing. And why is it people assume that hispanics support illegal aliens? I would take it as an insult if I were latino. This does effect legal immigrants, the waiting list in other countries is horrendous and yet we can add this illegals to the list and with a exec order they get front of the line status. What a sad state of affairs!

GunnyRet03 on June 19, 2012 at 9:22 AM


when I saw this headline, I wasn’t sure if the article was about Obama or Rubio.

avgjo on June 19, 2012 at 9:28 AM

I have to say, this whole disaster has made me more appreciative of every legal immigrant. I am so grateful to the hardworking, good, decent people who follow the laws and come here to be American. And, my disdain and contempt for those who think they’re better than that, who cut in line and short circuit the system, grows daily. They disgust me.

For every person who does it right and follows the law and suffers the indignity of bureaucracy – you have my gratitude and admiration. Welcome. I am proud to be American with you.

To those cheat and lie and break the law to get in here – get out. I despise you.

WashingtonsWake on June 19, 2012 at 10:16 AM

Think that’s bad? Have a look at this:

crosspatch on June 19, 2012 at 11:35 AM