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I Am Not Alone On The Dome

posted at 10:57 am on May 23, 2012 by

Occasionally, I will post items here from my work blog (Btw: The opinions here are my own). They involve issues regarding Missouri, but they also might be relevant to the national scene. The following case is NOT unique:

I have not been shy about expressing my distaste for the current proposals being bandied about for upgrading the Edward Jones Dome. Today, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch published my letter expressing dismay at one of its columnist’s support for the Dome upgrade. Also today, the Post-Dispatch published a column by David Nicklaus echoing many of the same points I previously made.

Nicklaus cites an economic study conducted by Robert A. Baade and Victor A. Matheson which found that “Researchers who have gone back and looked at economic data for localities that have hosted mega-events, attracted new franchises, or built new sports facilities have almost invariably found little or no economic benefits from spectator sports.” This echoes the conclusions of the St. Louis Federal Reserve study that I cited. The economic case for upgrading the Dome simply is not there.

I also have to concur with Nicklaus regarding the public officials who are making the case for the Dome. If these officials are for the Dome, make the case in terms of civic pride or boosting the city’s image. Take that case to the people and let the chips fall where they may, but do not try to sell the plan to the public stating that upgrading the Dome will be an economic boost to the area, because it is not true.

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