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Look, A Distraction!

posted at 10:29 am on May 11, 2012 by

The paradoxical nature of politics never ceases to amaze me. The current unemployment rate is 8.1% and 1 in 2 new college graduates are unemployed or underemployed. Gas prices are a record highs and the national debt shows no signs of shrinking any time soon. By all accounts, President Obama’s abysmal economic record should have a permanent spot on the front page. His 47.3% approval rating certainly reflects this fact. However, if you take a few seconds to look at the top stories in the United States, this is not the story that’s portrayed. Instead of talking about economic solutions, the media is currently enthralled in the seemingly tangential topics of birth control, women’s rights, hate crimes, and gay marriage. Seemingly, the nation’s top stories and its political realities simply don’t match. However, I doubt this is by accident. Rather, it’s by design. These issues merely serve as distractions from the disaster that is the Obama Administration. And having the mainstream media on your side doesn’t hurt either. With their “look-the-other-way” attitude toward Obama’s mistakes, the President and his allies have mastered the art of political distraction.

The media has covered a smorgasbord of articles ranging from birth control to women to gay marriage in 2012. Leftists have denounced the GOP’s supposed “War on Women” in recent months for their opposition to the birth control mandate and support of personhood laws in a growing number of states. Meanwhile, liberal groups throughout the county decried George Zimmerman’s “racial motives” for shooting Trayvon Martin before he got his day in court. Zimmerman might very well be guilty as sin but what happened to innocent until proven guilty? Then, in a “surprise” (and by surprise I mean, no surprise at all), President Obama came out in support of gay marriage just after North Carolina banned the practice and Gallup reported that just over 50% of Americans support the practice. How convenient.

Strangely, most of the biggest news stories in the US in the months leading up to the 2012 election have been social, not economic, issues. The Obama administration’s focus on these issues is not one of genuine concern. Rather, it is nothing but a political ploy. First, social issues tend to be the most contentious. Supporters and opponents of gay marriage, abortion, contraception, etc. tend to be far apart on the political spectrum and the interests groups are generally well-ensconced in their own opinions. Bringing up these issues ignites the numbed passions of Obama supporters, many of whom have resorted to lukewarm support in the face of the President’s less-than-stellar record. This is a far cry from the passionate obsession of the Obama Zombies during the 2008 election. The Administration is looking for any way to re-ignite theses passions and get their supporters to the polls.

Additionally, the focus on social issues places the spotlight back on the Obama Administration, a spotlight that has been solely focused on the GOP contenders in the last several months. Obama is unable to run on his actual record, considering his history of economic failures. Therefore, the President and his supporters have turned the spotlight on issues which can actually garner some support from his liberal allies (all while ostracizing the right of course). It’s as if Obama woke up last week, looked at his record, and said, “Hmmm rising unemployment, falling poll numbers…OH LOOK GAY MARRIAGE…I can use that.” These social issues are merely a distraction from Obama’s abysmal record. They are also a way to refocus the spotlight on the President and sooth his inflated ego.

What this political maneuver shows is the president’s complete lack of accountability. He’s unable to answer for his faults or stand up for his decisions, even when they have failed. When all else fails and Obama cannot ignore the glaring shortcomings of his administration, he simply blames his predecessor. The economy, partisanship, turbulent world situation…all Bush. (Note: Ignore the fact that the average unemployment rate under George W. Bush was about 5%) Joe Biden took this on last week, blaming Bush for our turbulent relations with Iran. There is certainly a high degree of character deficiency in the White House right now. The President and his blind supporters are unable to take responsibility for anything, evidence of political and personal weakness. It’s tough to stand by your decisions honestly and answer for your failures. Yet, for the President of the United States, it is part of his job description. The President is not supposed to “Pass the Buck.” Unfortunately for us, our current Commander-in-Chief is more than willing to “Pass the Buck…Over there.” Oh look, a political distraction!

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Good article Amy.

You are correct, it appears almost weekly we get a new issue that takes over the headlines for all the things cratering our nation. The bhopress seems all to thrilled to do bho’s distraction and not keep those who read or watch informed with facts.

It does appear that more and more American’s are waking up and seeing the distractions for what they are, just smoke to cover up bho’s krappy 3-1/2 years?

letget on May 11, 2012 at 11:11 AM

But of course the media is in bed with the current presidential administration… but I distract myself from the job I don’t have, the gas I can’t buy, and the family I can’t feed.

I’m sure the war on women and gay rights are going to be foremost on my mind when I go vote come November.

– The Voter

Turtle317 on May 11, 2012 at 11:11 AM

And Time Magazine has a cover with a woman breast-feeding what appears to be a five- or six-year-old child. Yep, that’s the top issue of the day to most Americans.
It’ll probably sell more than the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

Marcola on May 11, 2012 at 11:40 AM

47.3%…are there really that many sheeple in this country? That’s an awfully high percentage of people that buy into the lies of the liberal media.

According to polls (?) 20% of the country are liberal…they’re going to buy into it regardless. but still, 27% is a goodly amount of people…

sage0925 on May 11, 2012 at 1:28 PM

Flag burning must be next, don’t you think?

Well the Preezy is in Reno today to talk about the Nevada housing crisis or some such thing. Maybe he should get a few billion from Ben Bernanke to put on the Dodgers tonight at home, starting Capuano’s 4-0 record against the Colorado Rockies. All proceeds go towards the national debt. Two tacos and a beer for $3.95 at the Cal Neva sports book, Barack!

muckdog on May 11, 2012 at 3:16 PM

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