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At Least Three More Broward Teachers Union Officials Charged With Campaign Violations

posted at 4:37 pm on April 30, 2012 by

Earlier this month, Broward Teachers Union first vice president Bernie Schultz received probation for a single misdemeanor count of violating campaign contribution laws. Schultz was one of a number of BTU officers, staff and relatives to be reimbursed out of union dues for making a political campaign contribution.

EIA has now learned that at least three more BTU officials have been charged with campaign violations, Secretary-Treasurer Ronney Virgillito was charged with the same violation as Schultz. Two BTU employees – director of field services George Segna and director of strategic programs Lynn Cavall – were cited for filing a false campaign report.

The details of the incident for which Segna and Cavall were charged have not yet been made clear, since the statute cited involves exceeding the allowed contribution limit to repay a candidate’s loan.

There are reportedly some two dozen BTU officials who may face similar charges. BTU was placed under an AFT administratorship after accusations of financial mismanagement by president Pat Santeramo. Santeramo was ultimately bought out and induced to resign. The AFT administratorship was recently extended until November 2012.

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