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9pm EST – “The Left, and FOUL double standards!”

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1. Gloria Allred today called for an arrest of the Icon of Talk Radio–Rush Limbaugh. On message boards, chat rooms, facebook and twitter, the call for Limbaugh to be fired, boycotted, etc, still rings out. All the while President Obama is sending the man he most trusts to be on shows that make far worse objects of women. And get this–Obama’s guy this week did a hit job on Romney and Santorum for not denouncing Rush stronger. Keith Olbermann explained it this week–summarized, “If you’re a liberal man, saying insulting things to conservative women… is NOT misogyny.” BTW… How misogynistic is the new ABC television network’s show “Good Christian Bitches?” Agree? From your perspective: 888.340.3373.

2. The Oministration making all sorts of friends this week: Defense Secretary telling Congress that International “Permission” trumps U.S. Congressional “permission.” Additionally, the February deficit was $229,000,000,000. (That’s how much money Obama spent ABOVE what he HAD!) Thoughts: 888.340.3373. But he did have enough time, energy and money to make a pitch to Hollywood.

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