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9pm EST – “But what if they are prostitutes? Do we have to pay?”

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Baldwin/McCullough *LIVE* – Hr 1/Hr 2

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1. Ok Kevin McCullough’s lovely bride didn’t think it was really all that important for Rush to apologize to Ms. Fluke (With the exception of the names and connotations themselves.) In other words on PRINCIPLE The Lovely Bride agreed with the assessment of El Rushbo. She even agreed in concept to his statement for accountability and tracking (shoot the videos and put them on the internet) — from a free market principle. If the tax-payers pay for it, we have the right to know what is done with it. But on this overly heated, mildly off-putting, and very distracting topic… What exactly ARE you allowed to call someone who forces someone else to pick up the tab for their over-heated sex life? From your perspective: 888.340.3373.

2. Stephen Baldwin wonders if it might not be time to just toss God, morality, decency, and values from politics all together… It seems like that’s what the nation wants. Thoughts: 888.340.3373.

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