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9pm EST – “Not being concerned about the very poor people…”

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Baldwin/McCullough *LIVE* – Hr 1/Hr 2

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1. What if there was a single moment in which one of the Presidential candidates pretty much LOST the race because of a very poor choice of words? What if that person had the infrastructure to win the nomination? But what if we knew that that single phrase was going to kill off any hope for someone to run a thoughtful campaign against Obama? Well I think Mitt Romney pretty much did all of that and more this last week… The great con being that Mitt just had a stupid use of words. But Obama’s policies have actually wrecked this nation beyond recognition, especially the very poor. 800.345.9622.

2. Best selling author Steve Brown says God gives us three free sins… which ones are they? Why does it matter?  Thoughts: 800.345.9622.

ALSO: We’re BACK! CPAC 2012… make your plans to join us!

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