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9am EST: “Schools Gone Wild! Obama give thanks for Roe!”

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Baldwin/McCullough *LIVE* – Hr 1/Hr 2

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1. Despite all the political angst for the Presidential primary to take place in Florida in just two days and counting, this week was a seriously bad week for another group of people: Public Educators. On three occasions — ruthless, and unwarranted suspensions being handed down for either silly reasons, or ones made up all together. Why would public educators, who seem to have their hands full with genuinely underperforming students, seem to focus on such trivial, irrelevant, and inane things? 800.345.9622.

2. President Obama claimed this week that Roe v. Wade would help women like his daughters to someday be able to achieve their dreams. What EXACTLY did that mean? Even just following the President’s train of direct thought, doesn’t it imply greater LACK-OF-RESPONSIBILITY? Thoughts: 800.345.9622.

ALSO: We’re BACK! CPAC 2012… make your plans to join us!

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