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9pm EST – “*LIVE* your calls welcomed: Students Banned for Tebowing, Hitchens Change of Mind, Stern for Morgan”

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Baldwin/McCullough *LIVE* – Hr 1/Hr 2

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1. The issue of “Tebowing” is now causing public high school student athletes to be suspended for a minimum of one game each at one high school on Long Island, NY. Others are also being suspended nationwide. What is it about this act that causes such consternation amongst the public educators in America? 800.345.9622

2. The passing of Christopher Hitchens has caused a couple of interesting questions to roll around KMC’s noggin all week. 1. What do you believe Hitchens believes now? And 2. If he could tell us one thing what do you think it would be? The death of America’s foremost atheist even has some questioning whether he might even be in heaven. What do you say? 800.345.9622

BONUS: Baldwin gives us his perspective of Howard Stern taking Piers Morgan’s place on America’s Got Talent…


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What do you believe Hitchens believes now?

Nothing, gone, done.

Speakup on December 18, 2011 at 7:36 PM