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Horror: NYC woman performs “self-abortion”, media eager to assist

posted at 8:53 am on December 2, 2011 by

I never cease to be appalled by our media’s fanatical adherence to its agenda and to its templates.  The latest instance comes to us from the AP via WaPo:

Authorities are investigating whether a woman whose fetus was found among trash illegally ended her pregnancy by drinking an herbal concoction billed as an abortion-causing tea, a person familiar with the case told The Associated Press on Thursday.

The person spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity to discuss details not made public. The woman, Yaribely Almonte, 20, was arrested Wednesday on a charge of self-abortion after police said her fetus was discovered in a yellow bucket near her Manhattan apartment building. She was released with an order to appear in court in January.

Several questions beg to be asked:

First, by virtue of the fact that the “fetus” was (a) beyond 24 weeks and (b) labor was induced, isn’t it reasonable to infer that this was no longer a fetus but quite possibly a live birth?  The headline from the  NY Daily News’ story would, at the very least, seem to acknowledge that possibility (even if the story reverts to form).

Second, shouldn’t we wait for the M.E. to determine cause of death before rushing to charge Ms. Almonte with operating as an Unlicensed Reproductive Health Practitioner?  I’m also curious to see the toxicology findings here.  I am fairly certain that we will find that labor was induced by something other than this Magical Hispanic Abortion Tea.  Which, by the way, WaPo is quick to endorse and explain away as some sort of  “otherness” that is beyond our troglodyte comprehension.

If so, I want to know who spiked the tea.  See, these are the kinds of questions that we once expected responsible media to ask, before they resorted to building templates and framing narratives…which, in this case, consists of copy/pasting Planned Parenthood jargon and talking points.

If the ME determines that this child was, in fact, born alive; will the Southern District of New York press charges under the Born Alive Act?  Will the New York County District Attorney amend the charges to murder?  If this, in fact, proves to be the murder of an abortion survivor, then it is no different than the atrocities in Philly.

I held your same hopes, Captain.  I sure did.


A Spanish-language version of this post is available at El Tercer Riel (The Third Rail).


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Unless she aborted herself (i.e. suicide), it appears it’s more of a self-induced abortion than a self-abortion.

AZCoyote on December 2, 2011 at 9:52 AM

So “self-induced abortion” is illegal in NY? Where does that put the Plan-B abortion pill?

AverageJoe on December 2, 2011 at 11:31 AM

My sister’s baby was born prematurely at just short of 25 weeks. He moved his limbs, cried, ate vigorously, and responded to human contact. We stood vigil over him in his little tented micro-world, taking turns cuddling him with our hands and praying over him. When we gathered around and sang softly to him, he stirred, kicked, and sighed. Over a period of 8 weeks, my sister and brother-in-law never left him for more than 10 minutes. They took shifts to remain in his room with him 24/7, grateful for the option of keeping a room at the Ronald McDonald House a few blocks from the hospital. My mother sat with him day after day for hours at a time. Her church’s prayer groups kept him lifted up throughout the long weeks of intensive care. Of all his organs, his little heart was the one that had not quite formed enough for the job of living on the outside. It had a hole in it, which took nearly a year to close.

He is now a healthy, wonderful two-year-old. How pathetically small is the human excuse that being “unwanted” means a 6-month-old “fetus” has no worth.

J.E. Dyer on December 2, 2011 at 1:23 PM

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