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Poll: Nearly three-quarters of Occupiers think Obama is doing lousy job; only 36% plan to vote for him

posted at 12:54 pm on October 29, 2011 by

Barack Obama may think that he and the anti-Wall Street protesters are simpatico, but a new poll suggests the feeling is not mutual.

The survey, conducted by the Fordham University Center for Electoral Politics and Democracy, finds that 73% of Occupy Wall Streeters disapprove of the way the president is handling his job and that only 36% plan to vote to releect him in November of 2012. In contrast, 60% said that they voted for Obama in November 2008. These paired data dovetail with those of a USA Today/Gallup conducted in August, which found that 51% of voters do not believe that Obama deserves a second term.

Demographically, the breakdown of Wall Street protesters is what you would expect. An overwhelming majority (68%) describe their race as white, while only 10% identify themselves as Black/African American. Hispanics make up another tenth of the total population.

When it comes to ideology, 39% think of themselves as extremely liberal, while another 33% consider themselves as plain liberal—again no surprise there. In terms of party affiliation, nearly as many protesters, 22%, identified themselves as Socialists or Green Party members as Democrats (25%). Thirty-nine percent claimed identification with no political party, and 2% claimed to be Republicans.

To put these polling data in a larger context, consider first the findings of a newly released Pew poll that reveal that support for the Occupy Wall Street movement among Americans have fallen to about 2 in 5 (39%). Then add in the self-acknowledged by team Obama that casting their lot with this rag-tag movement could further alienate independents and other mainstream voters, and you have the makings of a perfect electoral storm.

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