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Operation Get Rubio

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Previously, I discussed a systematic collusion of media and other left-leaning organizations intent on the impeachment of Marco Rubio’s Hispanic authenticity, as part of an effort to wreck his national viability as a candidate for higher elected office.  These efforts seemed similar, in style and operation, to the manner in which Miguel Estrada was blocked from the judiciary.

Since then we’ve seen the timeline story put forth by the Washington Post, as was Wednesday’s hit piece, and a near-identical Politico piece.  Viewed together, the timing of these articles (as well as their content) seems to anticipate, and attempt to pre-empt, Marco Rubio’s presence on the GOP’s 2012 ticket (despite his denials to date), and confirm my initial concerns.

The (alleged) strategy behind the Univision piece that ran in July (the first big hit; a direct attack on his family and an indirect guilt-by-association attack on Rubio) was outrageous by design.  I suspect that the piece was solely intended to draw media attention to Rubio. The subsequent reaction was ultimately more important than the actual content of the piece (not unlike a very loud but weak bomb).  What other reason could justify such coercive tactics (allegedly)?  As I mentioned then, it seemed highly unlikely that Univision would incur (allegedly) the risk of “plata o plomo” tactics for five minutes of immigration cagefighting between Rubio and Jorge Ramos.

One’s a point.

The strategy behind the timeline piece was to undermine Rubio’s personal credibility.  In order to establish ethnic inauthenticity, there must first be proof of a personal deception.  The timeline discrepancy opens enough of a window for that speculation to blossom, by raising questions over the Rubio family timeline and creating the whole immigrant/exile schism of the past couple of days.

Two’s a pattern.

The “Rubio could pose a risk” piece which ran Wednesday shows a congealing of the “(because he does not align with Mexican-Americans on immigration) Rubio is not Hispanic enough” meme.  It is no small coincidence that Politico ran a near-identical piece just hours later.  However, the true tell of these pieces is that they both come from a “culture angle”, as James O’ Keefe III exposed yesterday.  Both of these stories come, specifically, from a “look at what Hispanics are saying about Marco Rubio” angle similar to the “look at what the internet culture is saying about Obama” approach described by Clay Shirky (“culture angle” explanation at the 2:15 mark).  This is how the MSM has decided to go about impeaching Marco Rubio’s national profile and aspirations to higher office.

Three’s a trend.

The nature of the press coverage of Marco Rubio, and the clear escalation of its adversarial tone confirm my initial suspicions beyond a reasonable doubt.  Operation Get Rubio is well underway.


UPDATE: WaPo high-fives itself over the timeline piece.


A Spanish-language version of this post is available at El Tercer Riel (The Third Rail).

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The left can’t let the Republicans position a Hispanic within a heartbeat of the presidency. Only people of color properly vetted by the left are eligible, and authentic-enough, to fill these historic spots. Otherwise, folks might get the crazy notion that the Republican party isn’t this racist, homophobic inbred bunch of fascists that the left (and the media) have worked so hard to portray. Rubio, Cain, Clarence Thomas, and the rest MUST be self-loathing individuals to align themselves with the right. Just ask Janean Garafolo.

tpitman on October 29, 2011 at 11:19 AM

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Allahpundit on October 29, 2011 at 6:27 PM

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