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“‘Occupy’ to Violence? & Is it the END of MEN?”

posted at 7:46 pm on October 12, 2011 by

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The “Occupy” movement steps forward the next level. In demonstrations on Tuesday going so far as to claim that violence was necessary for genuine economic help to come about. ALSO: The latest excuse for a debate was held by Bloomberg last night, yikes. The swords were out for Cain, we’ll hear from Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum. [email protected]

A piece in the Atlanta predicts the “End of Men.” A female friend from Washington DC pointed this article out to me yesterday and today we begin a very important discussion of what the essence of this column would end up looking like. Sick of men? Think everybody else is? Your replies: [email protected]

There is no second blessing or spiritual experience that can magically propel us to a state where we no longer struggle with sin. That won’t happen until we finally get to heaven. Between now and then we walk the hard road to glory. CONTINUE: “God Thought” on facebook!

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The “End of Men” article, a year old, should be retitled “End of Mom”. The wife and woman is not at home taking care of kids. She has traded that role for the vaunted college degree and ‘equal’ career, and she has doen so at the expense of her kids who can never be taught by stangers the same way she could teach them, if she actualy cared about her natural role. Then, the next generation complains because all of the kids have been educated by mass systems (TV, public education) with warped values. Little Susie goes off to act even more like absent mommy, and gets even more upset at the results. And the men in the meantime have been crowded out and devalued in every possible way. The article reeks of its own unseen causes within it. It and many of the comments then snear at men with a gleefull smugness that only emphasises who is actualy to blame.

AnotherOpinion on October 12, 2011 at 10:39 PM

The “End of Men” article, a year old, should be retitled “End of Mom”.

AnotherOpinion on October 12, 2011 at 10:39 PM

A very good point. Male and female are so closely intertwined that losing the trademark strengths of one means losing the trademark strengths of the other.

Homes without fathers are also homes without mothers. A civilization without “men” is also a civilization without “women.”

Radical feminists have been postulating this halcyon condition for at least 50 years. It’s hard to say that either men or women were more eager to throw off the hard work and obligations of being cooperative partners in life, love, child-rearing, and civilization. I don’t blame one sex over the other.

But the fact is, you can’t dispense with men, any more than you can dispense with women. You can try to, by rearranging societal institutions. But you end up with something worse than you started with. Something — wait for it — unsustainable.

J.E. Dyer on October 13, 2011 at 1:13 PM