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9pm EST – Baldwin/McCullough *LIVE*: “Herman Cain’s Not Angry, But Ron Paul WILL Be!”

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Where can you find the radio station nearest you to hear Baldwin/McCullough? Simple enough… Click here! Where can you go to see it on television? Check your local listings, or on-screen guide:

And tonight, watch right here:

1. Ron Paul stole another Straw Poll win today by packing the Values Voters Summit with mindless numbots who stuffed ballot-boxes while disagreeing with the majority of everything the Values Voter Summit represents. Not SURPRISED! However Cain said something that was extremely interesting in how it was received. A reporter incredulously found out that Herman Cain–as a black man–holds nothing against America. How is this possible? What do you say? 800.345.9622!

2. Stephen Baldwin is in California tonight where the feds just announced something that will greatly disappoint Ron Paul and his supporters. The feds, contradictory to the Obama justice department’s strict instructions have announced that they will in fact begin to enforce Federal Drug Laws. And the marketers of “medical” marijuana will be first in their cross-hairs. 800.345.9622.

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Cain Train going down.

Ron Paul 2012.

Spathi on October 9, 2011 at 12:06 PM

Actually, Herman Cain is indeed an angry old man. The fact that he’s calling other candidates names already is proof positive.

angelat0763 on October 9, 2011 at 7:21 PM