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New Video Courtesy of Ben Howe: ‘Failure of Leadership’

posted at 12:22 am on August 11, 2011 by

My third grade teacher, Sister Therese, used to always say, “Be careful what you pray for–you just might get it”. Well, Barack Obama obviously prayed, wished, and worked extremely hard for the glory of being president. However, as my friend Ben Howe demonstrates in his brilliant new video, Obama forgot to ask God (or Gaia) how to, you know, competently perform the job of Commander-in-Chief once he actually made it to the Oval Office.

As Moe Lane points out, all Ben had to do to prove that Obama is in way over his head was to juxtapose Obama’s own words with a bunch of soundbites and news clippings.

Ouch! That was painful to watch. I almost felt sorry for poor Barack Obama. The man is seriously out of his depth as president of the United States. Somewhere, Sister Therese is smiling.

Update: Thanks so much to Smitty over at The Other McCain and Fox Nation for the links and for re-posting this awesome video–Ben and I appreciate you!

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UPDATE: Thanks so much to Fox Nation for the link–Ben and I appreciate you! 🙂

Susannah Fleetwood on August 11, 2011 at 8:38 PM