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Actor Stephen Baldwin to imply Strauss-Kahn “had it coming?”

posted at 8:45 pm on July 2, 2011 by

Hi folks, there is no plan to burden you with daily promotion of the Kevin McCullough Show. I’m already grateful enough at how enthusiastically Ed Morrissey tells people about it every week. But tonight’s Baldwin/McCullough *LIVE* show is going to be worth catching. Stephen’s in a foul mood and doesn’t mind letting you know about it tonight… or something.


Where can you find the radio station nearest you to hear Baldwin/McCullough? Simple enough… Click here! Where can you go to see it on television? Check your local listings, or on-screen guide. The fun is just kicking off for our television simulcast this week number 1 of the new Baldwin/McCullough MegaCast:


1. Dominique Strauss-Kahn may have caught a huge break in the case against him. Though ironically with all the evidence that has come out against his accuser this week, they still have not dropped the charges as of yet. But Stephen Baldwin wants to know which is worse being judged by a trial overseen by the American press, or living the kind of double standard life that makes you suspect to treatment exactly as the former IMF president is now facing? Your calls: 877.572.8446.

2. When XtreMEDIA this week produced the newest promotional spot for the best-selling “No He Can’t: How Barack Obama is dismantling Hope and Change” it was met with strong criticism by some online. People of faith were saying, “Praying for your leaders is what we should be doing.” So Kevin McCullough wants to know from those who do criticize his new book on such grounds, is it even fair to point out a person’s record? 877.572.8446!

BONUS: Why KMC blames Breitbart for the leak of Weiner’s X-Rated Revelation.

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