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Fake Tea Party Candidate Assaults Cameraman

posted at 10:08 am on May 12, 2011 by

The last time we updated you on the special election in Western New York’s 26th congressional district, things were heating up. The race is close according to the latest polls and GOP nominee Jane Corwin is fending off not only the declared Democratic candidate, but a so-called “Tea Party” candidate with no visible support of any active Tea Party groups in the area. That man is Jack Davis, previously the Democrats’ nominee for the seat in multiple elections. Well, if things were heating up before, they seem to be coming to a full boil now. Pressed with questions about why he is refusing to participate in tonight’s debate, Davis came out swinging. Errr… literally.

Tempers flared in Greece Wednesday night at a party to support Jack Davis in the special election for the 26th Congressional District.

Davis is running as a Tea Party candidate. A volunteer for Republican candidate Jane Corwin showed up at the event in Greece Wednesday night. That volunteer began heckling Davis because he has pulled out of a debate set for Thursday night in Buffalo.

A video of the confrontation was put on Youtube by the Erie County G.O.P. In the video, the cameraman says he was hit by Davis.

The Davis camp is denying the allegations, of course, but that position may prove to be a hard sell with this floating around

Meanwhile, forces across the nation have mobilized on both sides as we enter the final eleven days of the race. The Speaker of the House is out visiting us this week supporting the Republican nominee.

In bringing in House Speaker John Boehner, the Republican “big gun” aimed at cutting spending and the size of government, Jane Corwin sought to further ally herself with the Conservative cause.

Boehner said, “Jane will work with us to stand up to Nancy Pelosi and the liberals in Washington, D.C., and say “no” to the bailouts, say “no” to the stimulus, and say “no” to the continued tax and spend crowd that’s down there.”

“We need to go out there and start getting our fiscal policies in order. Our country’s going in the wrong direction. We need to turn it around,” said Corwin.

Also, as we hinted in previous coverage, American Crossroads has jumped into the fray with a sizable ad buy in that market. You can view their first offering, currently running across the district, below.

If anything interesting comes from tonight’s debate, we’ll bring you up to date on it tomorrow.

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