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Yemeni Man Storms Airplane Cockpit in Possible Terrorist Attack; Leftists Yawn

posted at 7:46 pm on May 11, 2011 by

Originally posted at David Horowitz’s Newsreal:

American leftists have never really cared much for things like national security, anti-terrorist initiatives, and the United States military. Too much manly posturing scares them, for one thing. Protecting things like freedom, capitalism, and traditional Judeo-Christian values disgusts them. It’s why they always side with Palestine over Israel, for example. And it’s why they’re so anxious to get the United States to lose the War on Terror–and blatantly ignored a possible terrorist attack this week.

The news that a Yemeni passenger attempted to storm the cockpit of an American Airlines flight, while screaming “Allahu Akbar!”, should have been breaking news. Instead, it drew surprisingly little media attention. Even authorities seem to be rather lackadaisical about the potential terrorist attack, claiming that they don’t know what his motive was — despite the fact that we just killed Osama bin Laden, the leader of Al Qaeda and the man who planned the 9-11 atrocity which just so happened to also involve hijacking airplanes.

Prior to 9-11, most of the Western world did not take jihad against the West seriously. There were many, many warning signs along the way, but they were ignored. After that fateful September day, it couldn’t be ignored any longer, and since 9-11, Al Qaeda and Muslim extremists have continued to try to attack the United States, as well as multiple European countries. The jihad wages on, while most of the country looks the other way. Leftists pretended to care about national security and stopping terrorist attacks for a little while after the horror of 9-11, but that facade quickly grew too difficult to keep up for them. They then proceeded to do everything they could to get us to lose the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Last week, when the news broke that we finally caught and killed Osama bin Laden, leftists pretended to be jubilant. Though deep down many of them mourned, they were mostly excited that they now had another reason to claim we no longer need to fight the War on Terror.

That paper-thin meme should have been blown apart Sunday. But of course, leftists live by their own warped logic.
Browse around the left-leaning blogs and you’ll be lucky if it even gets a mention. Over at the Huffington Post, they edited out the eyewitness account of the man screaming “Allahu Akbar!” as he tried to storm the cockpit. The writers at Wonkette declared that the entire event was not at all a threat, that it’s completely normal, and the fact that conservatives are taking the incident seriously is racism, or something.

The conservative Internet has uncovered UNMISTAKABLE EVIDENCE that The Muslims of America are planning to set aside their Sharia checklist for a moment to avenge the death of Osama bin Laden. On Sunday, some guy from Vallejo, California on a flight from Chicago to San Francisco went nuts, screaming and pounding on the cockpit door, according to the Associated Press. This is something that happens on airplanes! People do weird things! Flying is freaky for a lot of people! In the same article, the AP notes another guy on another flight Sunday tried to open the plane door of the aircraft he was on. But that second guy isn’t of Arab descent, so the MUSLIM WATCHERS are only freaking out about the first one.

Yes, because someone trying to break into the cockpit of a plane, screaming “God is Great” is Arabic, is a totally normal occurrence during American travel.

Authorities have yet to say this is terrorism, because it’s pretty obviously not. But the people who really understand Muslims, bigots who have never studied Islam, know the truth: this was a DRY RUN by the Muslims, who will soon be inside every plane in the country, KNOCKING ON A DOOR. Scary! Don’t knock so hard, Muslims! You will kill all us white people with your door knocking!

While it may be the easier route to pretend that terrorists have stopped attacking the United States, the simple truth is that they haven’t. 9-11 was less than ten years ago. And while there have been multiple attacks on Europe since then, and attempted attacks on the United States — most recently, the Christmas Day Bomber, the attempted bombing of a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland, and the Fort Hood massacre — it’s so much easier to treat everything as a big joke, or to smear vigilance as racism. The truth is that this very easily could have been a legitimate terrorist attack or a dry run to practice for one in the future. But if you’re a leftist, why take news like this seriously? If the evil conservatives are, then clearly leftists need to either ignore or deride the issue, no matter how important or relevant.


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Good to see you back, Cassy. I trust you and your family are continuing to do well, and I hope to see more of you here in the future. Sending tons of thoughts and prayers your way. 🙂

gryphon202 on May 11, 2011 at 8:16 PM

Thank you! It has not been easy getting back into blogging with all of the pregnancy complications and now a newborn at home, but I’m getting there! 🙂

Cassy Fiano on May 11, 2011 at 10:11 PM

“Yemeni Man Storms Airplane Cockpit in Possible Terrorist Attack; Leftists Yawn”

That’s because lefties are still in mourning over their hero Osama bin laden, who had the courage to make a strike at *the* symbol of American capitalism – the World Trade Center.

Vic on May 12, 2011 at 3:35 AM

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