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Al Qaeda Thinks the Arab Spring is Bad News for Israel

posted at 6:09 pm on April 6, 2011 by

The 5th issue of al Qaeda’s glossy English language magazine, Inspire, came out this week. I’m not going to link it because I have no desire to help them spread their propaganda. I will point out however that the opening page makes some pretty worrisome threats about what is in store for Israel:

The biggest barrier between the mujahidin and freeing al-Aqsa were the tyrant rulers. Now that the
friends of America and Israel are being mopped out one after the other, our aspirations are great that
the path between us and al-Aqsa is clearing up.

There could be no freeing of Palestine with the presence of the likes of King Abdullah to the East, Hosni Mubarak to the West and al-Saud to the South. Now that Hosni is gone, we heard the Imam of the Friday prayers praying: “O Allah we ask you to allow us to meet in al-Aqsa,” and the millions in Tahrir square roared with one voice: Âmîn.

Al-Aqsa is the mosque located on the temple mount in Jerusalem. There is still plenty in the magazine to indicate hatred for the West and America in particular, but this opening letter seems to indicate a focus closer to home. The recent call for a third intifada on Facebook which attracted tens of thousands of followers is an indication that, whether leading or following, al Qaeda is sensing a shift in focus among radicals towards Israel.

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I’ve thought the “Arab Spring” has its roots in a plan by Iranian Intelligence to take down leaders willing to work with the West.

Sekhmet on April 7, 2011 at 8:29 AM

Glen Beck has been all over this Arab Spring/Israel thing.

Wait a minute! Are you saying that Glen Beck is an AQ agent?

BigAlSouth on April 7, 2011 at 3:05 PM