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Shocking Scandal Exposed: Pro-Life Group Actively Promoting Pro-Life Laws!

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Mother Jones today published a story with this headline:

Revealed: The Group Behind the Bills that
Could Legalize Killing Abortion Providers

“Revealed,” really? In fact, Americans United for Life has made no secret of promoting the “Pregnant Woman’s Protection Act,” versions of which have already passed in two states and are under consideration in three others. And AUL’s vice president of legal affairs Denise Burke says the law doesn’t do what Mother Jones claims:

AUL’s “Pregnant Woman’s Protection Act” expressly provides that a pregnant woman may use force to protect her unborn child when she reasonably believes that unlawful force is threatening her unborn child and that her use of force is immediately necessary to protect her unborn child. The language explicitly limits the permitted use of force to a pregnant woman and does not expand it to third parties. Thus, under the express terms of AUL’s carefully crafted and narrow language, the “Pregnant Woman’s Protection Act” could not be used to justify criminal violence against abortion providers or anyone else.

There is nothing at all secretive — nothing to be “revealed” — about AUL promoting pro-life legislation, which is a service they describe on their Web site:

AUL attorneys are highly-regarded experts on pro-life legal language and the Constitution, consulting on bills and amendments across the country. In addition, our model legislation enables legislators to easily introduce bills without needing to research and write the bills themselves, helping ensure that their efforts will have the desired impact and withstand judicial scrutiny. . . .
We are continually working to help legislators enact new pro-life laws that will go into effect and not be unnecessarily tied up in court . . . . To do that, we educate legislators on the issues and provide them with model legislation and legal advice on legislative language. We work hand-in-hand with legislators to minimize avoidable problems . . .

So the Mother Jones article not only mischaracterizes the legislation AUL is promoting, the article also falsely claims to be “revealing” a fact that was already entirely public.

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For those leaders on the pro-life conservative side of this debate it is no surprise that the left commonly, in fact routinely, uses distortion and misinformation to promote their pro-death agenda. The one potential presidential candidate who has been the most vocal pro-life spokesperson, who has gone around the country raising funds for various pro-life organizations and has brushed off the brutal onslaught of lies, distortions, and smears to continue this fight unafraid is… Sarah Palin.

The novelty she brought to the political arena has since worn off but her Reganesque conservative positions and pointed critiques of this inept and socially and economically destructive administration have continued as a lone beacon of light during a dark time, an unwavering message of truth and hope that has rallied the right time and time again and more than any other led us to the election victory we enjoyed in 2010.

Now as the 2012 election process begins and new, untested candidates offer their novel approaches it is important to also recognize their total lack experience with the baptism of fire they would face from the left if they ever rose to the position where they might champion the conservative cause.

This article is just another reminder of the sleazy tactics our next nominee will face once they are choosen. Will they have the resolve of a Sarah Palin or a Scott Walker? Are they committed conservatives or are they merely spouting talking points based on a previous finger in the wind? Do they think it’s smart to not be too rigorous in their conservativism so as to perhaps avoid some of the slings and arrows of the left?

I think we have learned over the last two years who is unwavering and unafraid. New champions continue to emerge such as Scott Walker but they are, like Sarah, defined by not only their steadfast conservative principles but their steady determination to see the fight through to a victorious conclusion. For this reason I recommend:

Palin/West for 2012. for now.

shmendrick on February 28, 2011 at 10:33 PM