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AFL-CIO’s Trumka Talks to the White House Every Day, Visits Twice a Week?!

posted at 1:45 pm on February 22, 2011 by

Is he bragging here or telling the truth?

Notice the smug way he leans back and drapes his arms over the chairs. Of course he doesn’t say he talks to the President every day, only to someone in the White House. Still, is he really there a couple times a week every week? If so, that should be a national news story. Is anyone in the press corps going to ask the White House about this? Probably not, despite the fact that we are now seeing the White House and the DNC swing into action to protect unions.

Imagine that this is the Bush administration and an oil company executive is caught on tape saying he is at the White House twice a week and talks to someone inside every single day. Do you think that would have been a story on the front page of the NY Times? It would certainly be a very big story.

Kudos to Pam at the Blaze who once again does the MSM’s job for them.

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