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Video: Barbour, Pawlenty on the Permitoreum

posted at 8:54 am on February 14, 2011 by

During CPAC this year I had the opportunity to speak with some of the potential 2012 presidential candidates on the subject of the Obama EPA’s current permitoreum which has brought American off-shore oil exploration and drilling to a virtual standstill. Two of the respondents answered on video, presented for you here.

First up was former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty. During a wide ranging Q&A session with a handful of bloggers he weighed in on the subject.

Watch the video for the full tone and text of the response, but here are a few of the key excerpts.

The EPA in is current form is really mismanaged… needs to go through a radical transformation and reorganization.

We have to find ways to move this stuff forward. We have to stop telling the applicants “no” reflexively, let’s try to find ways to get it done – to get it to “yes.” If you look at the base load needs of the country, we need energy. I’m in favor of drilling in ANWR, I’m in favor of more offshore drilling. I’m in favor of trying to advance coal with the best technology we have. I’m in favor of more nuclear energy. We’ve got a game changing opportunity in the next five to ten years in the form of the massive, massive amount of natural gas we’ve found in the territorial reach of the United States.

While the answer wandered around a bit, I felt it struck the right tone and a willingness to move in a productive direction.

Later that same day I had the opportunity to interview Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour and put the same question to him. (Full video follows with some of the high points transcribed below.) It should come as no surprise that Barbour, as the chief executive of a Gulf Coast state with a vested interest in productivity, came off as being very well informed on the subject. He was also a bit more… shall we say, “forceful” in his opinions of the current EPA management.

What we need in America is more American energy, and the Obama policy is exactly the opposite.

I was in the Mediterranean Sea last week at a drilling rig off the coast of Israel. Half the people on there were Americans who were working in the Gulf of Mexico a year ago. As you say, the moratorium has turned into a permitoreum.

The energy policy of the Obama administration, very simply put, is this: increase the cost of energy so Americans will use less of it. They want that policy to drive up the cost of energy so there will be less pollution, and so that currently non-economical, very expensive fuel types will become economically viable. That’s going to take eight or nine dollar per gallon gasoline…

This Obama energy policy is awful for our economy and terrible for American families who are going to be paying more for gas in their cars, more for their utility bills, and there will be far fewer jobs as our companies become less competitive.

The man doesn’t pull any punches, I’ll say that for him. He had plenty more to say on the subject of energy during his floor speech the following day which will be covered in a separate article.

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At least Obama told the truth about one of his goals during the campaign – “energy prices will necessarily skyrocket.”

There needs to be some legal consequence for the Obama administration blatantly ignoring the court’s ruling about the moratorium. Obviously being held in contempt isn’t changing their behavior a bit. Just like they’re ignoring the crap out of the Obamacare ruling and continuing to implement it anyway – totally lawless.

Laura Curtis on February 14, 2011 at 12:11 PM

T-Paw bought into AGW, how can we take him seriously, here?

Angry Dumbo on February 15, 2011 at 6:48 PM