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Kermit Gosnell and Roe v. Wade: Something Evil This Way Came

posted at 4:00 pm on January 20, 2011 by

Yesterday it was reported that Kermit Gosnell, an abortionist, was arrested and charged with eight counts of murder. He was charged with the murder of babies who were fully delivered; he induced labor, delivered the babies and then stuck a scissors in the back of their necks and mercilessly killed them. Their first breath, was also their last.  Lacking even the dignity of a human touch; no one holding their tiny, innocent hand coursing with life’s blood, as that life left their tiny bodies. Eyes opening, trying to focus for the first time and trustingly seek out the security of the face belonging to the voice they’d heard for many months inside the womb. Struggling to survive, as the will to live is strong, even in the most tiny and vulnerable.

He was not charged with the murders of babies he killed the same way – earning $1.8 million in one year alone for doing so – only inside the womb.

Gosnell’s abortion mill was a gruesome house of evil. When police searched Gosnell’s facilities, they found that “bags and bottles holding aborted fetuses were scattered throughout the building.  Jars containing the severed feet of babies lined a shelf.” This grotesque cretin kept severed feet as some sort of macabre serial killer trophy.

The State of Pennsylvania knew this. And ignored it. Allowing him to commit murder, time and time again, for decades. Their reasoning? Inspecting abortion mills clinics and requiring that they have basic safety standards would result in “putting up a barrier to women” and their ‘choice’. The ‘choice’ is never explicitly said because by choice they, of course, mean the purposeful killing of a baby. Barbara Boxer and even our own President would have believed the same. Barbara Boxer believes that a right to life does not exist until a mother ‘chooses’ to take her baby home, alive, from the hospital. President Obama, when a state senator in Illinois, had more concern for abortionists than for the babies whose lives they snuff out. He cared more about protecting the vile excuses for human beings like Kermit Gosnell than the babies they were attempting to kill. He believes that babies who are born alive during an abortion attempt should legally be left to die.  As a Senator in Illinois, debating a Born Alive bill, he said this:

As I understand it, this puts the burden on the attending physician who has determined, since they were performing this procedure, that, in fact, this is a nonviable fetus; that if that fetus, or child — however way you want to describe it — is now outside the mother’s womb and the doctor continues to think that it’s nonviable but there’s, let’s say, movement or some indication that, in fact, they’re not just coming out limp and dead..

Not just coming out limp and dead. Like the babies born in Gosnell’s facilities. Poor Gosnell would have too much of a burden, what with pesky babies not cooperating and insisting on having the human will to live and the strong spirit to survive.

The extensive grand jury report also said the following:

But even this total abdication by the Department of Health might not have been fatal.

Here they are wrong. That the abortion clinic existed at all, by definition means there were fatalities there. Likely thousands of them. That is the sole purpose of an abortion clinic. Already the pro-abortionist left like Amanda Marcotte, is trying to blame “anti-choicers” for “crappy abortionists“. She is, in effect, saying “Too bad a better ‘doctor’ didn’t kill the babies by stabbing in neck with scissors in a cleaner way.”  If only he’d hidden the evidence, you see. So people weren’t forced into realizing that lives, not balls of cells, are snuffed out. She cares naught for actual safety. If she did, why would she have adamantly opposed Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s conclusion that state agencies in Virginia could legally regulate abortion clinics? Do you know why she, and other pro-abortionists objected? Because some clinics wouldn’t be able to afford meeting basic safety standards and would have to close down. See, they don’t give a hoot about safety. It’s all about blood money and a sickening agenda.

Furthermore, the difference between this gruesome killing machine and a “safe” clinic is aesthetics, really.  There is no denying the horror of what was found in this “doctor’s” office. But it happens in every abortion clinic across the land. Sticking a scalpel in a baby’s neck in utero has the same result as sticking it in the neck with scissors outside the womb: Death.

In this case, people can visualize the actual babies, as they were horrifically kept in jars and bottles. In “safe” clinics, they are hidden away in haz-mat disposals or chopped up into tiny pieces before being sucked out of their mother’s womb and disposed of like trash. Hidden away, allowing people to blind themselves to what is actually happening. It is easier to remain blissfully ignorant and ignore the fact that a baby is a baby, in utero or out. It is easier to believe that a life taken inside the womb is somehow different than a life taken outside of one. It is easier to believe that ‘viability’ is a valid argument, otherwise one would have to come to the appalling realization that Roe v. Wade actually sanctions infanticide.

Here is what is actually happening, to the babies who are aborted without being fully delivered:

My eyes shot back to the screen again. The cannula was already being rotated by the doctor, and now I could see the tiny body violently twisting with it. For the briefest moment the baby looked as if it were being wrung like a dishcloth, twirled and squeezed. And then it crumpled and began disappearing into the cannula before my eyes. The last thing I saw was the tiny, perfectly formed backbone sucked into the tube, and then it was gone. And the uterus was empty. Totally empty.

The only difference is that some of the babies Gosnell killed took a first, and last, breath. Others never even get a first, and only, breath. Their lives are snuffed out inside what should be a safe harbor. Never having a chance to breathe, never feeling a single human and loving touch. Never having a chance to see the grace and beauty of life. Never feeling the sun warming the tops of their sweet-smelling heads. Never lifting their faces into the rain to catch drops on their cheeks and tongue. Never chortling with innocence and wonder. Never giggling in the way that children do; a way that touches you so deeply and fills you with joy to your very core. Never growing up to fall in love, to marry and to have children of their own.

This is the slippery slope of Roe v. Wade and the evil it has wrought. Fifty million babies have been killed since it became law. Babies are killed every hour of every day, only more often with a vacuum or a D&C than with scissors, which makes it easier for people to choose to believe the ‘ball of cells’ lie. What happened in Gosnell’s office should hit home as an atrocity, even to people who purport to be pro-choice. To some people, being pro-choice really means they are making the choice to believe the ‘ball of cells’ or non-viable lies, because they want to be enlightened and For The Women. Because, empowerment. Feminists even seek to celebrate abortion as something that gives them their twisted idea of equality. But it is not enlightened nor high-minded; it, like Roe v. Wade, is condoning, for whatever reason, the killing of innocent life.

My rights as a woman are not predicated on a legal ability to kill my own children. To suggest otherwise does not empower women. To the contrary; it degrades and demeans women and all of society. Our hands are stained with the blood of the 50 million lives lost and we must put an end to the lie that it is a Women’s Rights issue. The pro-abortionist Left has odiously, yet effectively, made that the issue. It’s not. The issue is that we are sanctioning infanticide and it must end.

Their voices, 50 million voices, were silenced. The screams of those innocent babies are unheard. Ours cannot be.


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The pro-life angle on this story is obvious, and I agree completely. What I don’t understand is how the pro-abortion people rationalize a medical “practice” such as Dr. Gosnell’s. Even if you accept the proposition that a pregnant woman has an absolute right to abortion, are those abortions so important that it is worth butchering many women as well as their babies? Can’t we say that reasonable regulation and oversight of these clinics — as would be the case for any other medical clinic of any other type — would be worth the cost? Suppose our more careful oversight shut down a few butchers such as Gosnell, thereby also restricting somewhat abortion availability. Even for the pro-abortion folks, wouldn’t that trade be worth it in order to save the lives and bodies of this butcher’s adult victims? Or is it so important to avoid “punishing someone with a baby” that we accept any and all collateral damage as necessary?

jwolf on January 20, 2011 at 4:41 PM

Sickeningly, the Philadelphia Inquirer today tries to suggest that Pennsylvania’s strict abortion laws are to blame for Dr. Gosnell’s house of horrors. Apparently, because PA prohibits abortions after 24 weeks unless necessary to save the life of the mother, all of these poor women were forced into Dr. Gosnell’s “back alley” because no reputable “provider” would break the law and abort a 28-week-old baby. Pennsylvania also requires that tissue samples of any aborted fetus older than 20 weeks be sent to a lab for a pathology report, and also requires counseling for the mother before any abortion; the Inquirer suggests that this is “burdensome” and also discourages reputable doctors from performing abortions.

So the liberals will find a way to blame this nightmare on “restrictive abortion laws.”

rockmom on January 20, 2011 at 5:08 PM

According to the 5:00 pm news on Channel 6, DA Seth Williams is considering the death penalty. Williams is a Dem, and perhaps has political ambitions beyond the DA’s office, but he is also a career prosecutor who’s seen enough scum in his career to know when someone deserves a trip to death row.

Wethal on January 20, 2011 at 6:30 PM

Thanks for the reference to Abby Johnson’s book “unPlanned“. To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, I tremble when I consider that GOD has witnessed every act of child sacrifice and will hold the guilty accountable. That the pit of Hell is deep enough, wide enough, and hot enough to deal with abortionists who commit these evils is a fact. What strikes terror into my own heart is that I have not done more to stop it.

oldleprechaun on January 20, 2011 at 7:30 PM


I know how you feel. GOD is a righteous GOD, eventually He will bring everyone involved to account. When that day comes there will be a powerful reckoning over this mass murder. But please keep in mind brother-in-Christ, that GOD will judge whether we have done enough, not us. GOD knows whether or not we could have done more. I don’t this if that helps or not, but I felt led to say it.

Shogun144 on January 20, 2011 at 10:01 PM

I don’t *know* this if that helps or not, but I felt led to say it.

Shogun144 on January 20, 2011 at 10:01 PM


I don’t *know if* this that helps or not, but I felt led to say it.

There I finally got it.

Shogun144 on January 20, 2011 at 10:07 PM

…Pennsylvania also requires that tissue samples of any aborted fetus older than 20 weeks be sent to a lab for a pathology report, and also requires counseling for the mother before any abortion; the Inquirer suggests that this is “burdensome” and also discourages reputable doctors from performing abortions.
rockmom on January 20, 2011 at 5:08 PM

Of course: make abortion laws more flexible, and get rid of the few reporting requirements that make it at least theoretically possible to stop violations of those even more liberal laws — Problem solved!

As utterly psychotic as that sounds, in the liberal mind, it makes absolutely perfect sense: It’s never the problem itself that liberals want to fix; all liberals care about is making sure they don’t SEE the problem.

Liberalism is the Cult of the Ego, and this makes its followers the ultimate fanatics. In the theology of Moral Relativism, there is no such thing as “almost” an atrosity. To the liberal mind, the line between the ultimate affirmation of personal freedom and the most heinous crime imaginable is, literally, razor thin.

If this maniac had exercised even the tiniest bit of care in his slaughtering technique — or at least in keeping it out of the public eye — liberals would still be worshipping him as a hero right now. An inch or two, or a week or two, one way or the other wouldn’t do anything to make this less morally reprehensible. But it would make it all technically LEGAL. And that is all the excuse any collectivists have ever needed to completely switch off their brains and hearts.

No liberal ever asks himself whether something is objectively “right” or “wrong.” The only Commandment of the Liberal faith is: “Do what makes me feel good.” “Getting rid of a problem” makes the liberal feel good about himself; “killing a baby” makes the liberal feel bad about himself… End of liberal thought process.

Even the craziest moonbat doesn’t really care about a few millimeters one way or the other. The average liberal doesn’t have the slightest clue where the foreceps are supposed to be placed to perform a “proper” abortion. All that matters to the liberal is defining away the guilt.

This modern-day Mengele committed the only sin the Church Of Liberalism acknowledges: He got caught. He is making people see the result of liberal policies. And in the liberal mind, that “crime” against their ego is the only crime that was committed here – and the only crime that needs to be redressed.

Look for this story to enjoy a quicker death than many of Gosnell’s “patients” received.

logis on January 21, 2011 at 3:09 AM

“A woman’s right to murder choose.”

BigAlSouth on January 21, 2011 at 5:32 AM

Reported locally. I don’t watch television anymore or read the NYT, but I’m guessing this was spiked in the MSM.

Asher on January 21, 2011 at 8:38 AM

Pretty much Asher:
Network Morning shows boycott

kerncon on January 21, 2011 at 9:21 AM

To me, this counts as serial killing, plain and simple. And he was aided and abetted by those in his office, the officials who knew this was going on and allowed it and anyone who stood by and allowed this chamber of horrors to pour the blood of these innocents onto the streets of Philadelphia.

Had this “doctor” conducted nothing but properly procedural late-term abortions, I would STILL call his work wrong, evil and, yes, sorry, it’s not reasonable, but I would call it murder.

However, this butcher, because most definitely in this case, this man was exactly that, committed serial killing and apparently enjoyed it as much as Jack the Ripper did in the fall of 1888. The fact that this man kept trophies, they can call them specimens, but that is nothing but BS. Anyone who so much as hears the description of what he kept and how he kept it knows EXACTLY what he is: he is as much a serial killer as the Ripper, Dahmer, Gacy and the rest.

And, to my mind, though he is ultimately responsible for the evil he has done, this is one time when I feel others bear responsibility for allowing his disgusting, blood soaked butchery to go on.

We have a duty to make sure this information is FORCED into the view of those hypnotized by the MSM and unwilling to listen. Because I guarantee there are others like him out there, using the law to to indulge in out and out mutilation, murder and evil.

God help us, because if we do not do something about THIS he will forsake us and rightly so. Because anyone who claims this is why Roe v Wade exists is out of their minds. Plain and simple. I try to be polite when I can, but in this case, being polite has done nothing but result in an atrocity the likes of which would be horrifying had it taken place in the Third World, but which is indescribably atrocious taking place in this country.

And for people to attempt to excuse it by laying it at the feet of a bill which was created to protect women from ‘back alley’ procedures and death is just wrong. Because this time it protected a monster.

Mad Mad Monica on January 21, 2011 at 10:43 AM

Let’s face it – most Americans have no idea what an abortion entails… it is just another “medical procedure” that is to be performed as soon as it is demanded.

Western civilization has come to tolerate and accept abortion. In some cases, abortion is even shown as a “solution” to the social ills plaguing America.

If any one here read Dubner and Leavitt Freakonomics part 1, they will know that these two guys attribute the decrease in NYC crime rate in the 90’s mainly to the abortion rates of the..early 80’s !

According to them, many of these …ahem.. criminals were aborted and thus the reduction in crime rates…No prizes for guessing that the biggest percent of abortions happened within the black community. So as per Dubner’s theory, the lesser number of black babies born directly lead to a lesser crime rate.

No one in the liberal media or conservative outlets that i know of even challenged these guys on this.

I would say that animals in the US have much greater protections than unborn children. Think about the OUTRAGE Michael Vick’s saga caused – and think about the muted reaction from MSM to FOX to this heinous murderer who ran a death clinic. Compare and Contrast.

Utterly disgusting.

nagee76 on January 22, 2011 at 12:20 PM

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