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NYC: A dangerous place for the unborn

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Grim news from the City of Death: 41% of all NYC pregnancies end in abortion. Read Ed Morrissey for some qualifications on the numbers and watch the brief embedded video, in which we learn that Planned Parenthood is “not happy” about the numbers (really?), wants more “education,” and claims “abstinence by itself is proven to be ineffective.” (Really?)

Archbishop Dolan cuts through the blather:

My Lord, what have we done the last thirty years? There’s candy bowls on people’s desks with condoms, they’re dropping ’em from airplanes, and yet nothing seems to improve. So maybe we’re on the wrong track here.

One of the biggest questions: Where is the outrage in the black community? For blacks, almost 60% of NYC pregnancies end in abortion. Jill Stanek reports:

New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan, also president of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, will join Alveda King and other African-American leaders on January 10 for a rally spotlighting New York City’s ghastly abortion rate, particularly among blacks. The group will also speak out against a NYC Council bill that seeks to harass pregnancy care centers.


I have a dream. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if more respected black leaders and celebrities would join the fight against this suicidal/genocidal nightmare? Imagine the good that might be done by President Obama if he believed in the sanctity of life. Imagine a pro-life Michelle Obama, fighting for the survival of black babies and promoting the black family instead of haranguing us about childhood obesity. Imagine the all-powerful Oprah taking on this cause.

Back to reality. Archbishop Dolan also said:

The Statue of Liberty should be the symbol of this city, not the grim reaper.

Hat tip to Cubachi, who notes that 30% of the aborted babies were scraped and suctioned from the wombs of women in their 30’s and 40’s. Are these the same wanna-be mommies who later portray themselves as martyrs because they can’t have children the old fashioned way, whether because of their advanced age or because of the abuse their reproductive systems have suffered from abortions, contraceptives, and STDs? Babies are viewed by a heck of a lot of women as a commodity. Don’t want one right now? Toss it. Feel entitled to one later? Pursue brave new procedures and discard the inconvenient extras.

In other abortion news, Rep. Mike Pence has introduced the Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act. His statement:

It is morally wrong to end an unborn human life by abortion.  It is also morally wrong to take the taxpayer dollars of millions of pro-life Americans and use them to promote abortion at home or abroad.

Last year, Planned Parenthood received more than $363 million in revenue from government grants and contracts.  During that same time, they performed an unprecedented 324,008 abortions.

The largest abortion provider in America should not also be the largest recipient of federal funding under Title X.

The Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act will prevent any family planning funds under Title X from going to Planned Parenthood or other organizations that perform abortions.  It will ensure that abortion providers are not being subsidized with federal tax dollars.

Jill Stanek has more.


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