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NewsHour’s Cuban healthcare fairytale

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Just the facts, M’am,
A Cuban Fairy Tale From PBS
What public television didn’t tell you about health care in Castro’s socialist state.
O’Grady’s article on line is by subscription only, but it’s also in today’s WSJ. In it, O’Grady explains that the NewsHour report by Ray Suarez, made with the Communist regime’s “cooperation”, comes across as party-line propaganda, but also makes revealing commentary, such as, when doctors make housecalls,

Homes are investigated, water quality checked, electrical plugs checked.”

Back in 2007 I was posting about ¡Salud!, a propaganda film about Cuban healthcare that was featured at the Princeton Public Library. The film shows the medics going through a patient’s home, including rifling through furniture drawers, checking for liquor, drugs, and tobacco.

Pause for a moment and ponder whether Americans would be better off being forced to endure an investigation of their home, in exchange for a house call from a medic/doctor who’s getting paid $200 month by the government. Even then the truth evaded Suarez,

As to doctors checking on water quality and electricity outlets, the PBS reporter might be surprised to learn that most Cuban homes have no running water or power on a regular basis. This is true even in the capital. In 2006, Mr. Botín says, a government minister admitted that 75.5% of the water pipes in Havana were “unusable” and “recognized that 60% of pumped water was lost before it made it to consumers.” To “fix” the problem, the city began providing water in each neighborhood only on certain days. Havana water is also notoriously contaminated. Foreigners drink only the bottled stuff, which Cubans can’t afford. In the rest of the country the quality and quantity of the water supply is even less reliable.

Go read the rest of O’Grady’s article, and keep in mind that your taxpayer dollars pay for PBS.

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Good article, Fausta!

Blake on December 28, 2010 at 9:58 AM

This is Dear Liar’s wet dream — having the government going through our homes.

rbj on December 29, 2010 at 9:19 AM

“As to doctors checking on water quality and electricity outlets, the PBS reporter might be surprised to learn that most Cuban homes have no running water or power on a regular basis.”

Well, maybe that is why they check it. If either is working then something is wrong.

Dusty on December 29, 2010 at 6:38 PM

I interviewed a refugee from communist Rumania years ago. apropos of nothing in particular he mentioned that Rumania had one of the highest health rates for children in the world according to WHO – because they manipulated the meaning of the word “child.” According to the Rumania Health authorities children were only registered with the state when they were one year old. So any children who deceased prior to their first birthday were unpeople. (and their experiences couldn’t be used to ruin the states health stats). Only the US authorities under Ronald Reagan protested this practice but they were ignored as being the rantings of out-of-control cowboys with no understanding of the nuances of international record keeping. Apparently, it’s a lot easier to manipulate statistics then actually do the hard and expensive work of having a first class health system. Statistics produced by dictatorship are an arm of their propaganda agency not a guide to the truth.

Fred 2 on December 30, 2010 at 5:35 PM

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