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We Are Not Hostages

posted at 5:29 pm on December 13, 2010 by

As I write, the “tax deal” worked out between Obama and Republicans in Congress has passed its first procedural hurdle, with more than 60 Senators voting to open debate on the legislation.

As I have pointed out before, a marginally acceptable bill as originally announced has become an insult to voters who put Republicans back in charge of the House and substantially closed the gap in the Senate.  The bill now is what John Fund correctly calls a Tax Deal With A Side of Bacon.

I don’t begrudge the original “deal” although there were very good arguments against it. 

But did we really need to buy off Chuck Grassley (R-IA) with ethanol subsidies?  Of course not, this was all just pork barrel politics of the type which infuriated the electorate when Democrats were buying off Ben Nelson and Mary Landrieu when it came to Obamacare.

We may not be able to stop it this time, but we should hold the Republican leadership to account for failing to provide courage and leadership on these payoffs.

This type of conduct has to stop, or the Republican leadership will rip the momentum out of the emerging Republican majority.

The voters in the Republican Party are not hostages, and we do not suffer from Stockholm Syndrome.

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After 3 January, perhaps it would be of overall benefit to the Nation if the Right side of the aisle went through every piece of federal law and took a critical look and defund programs where outright removal is not possible, and start attaching Constitutional rationale to all legislation/law.

Otherwise, the same old same old will continue and grow, and the courts? Well, if we have justices such as Breyer on the bench, the penumbras will outweigh Constitutionality.

coldwarrior on December 13, 2010 at 5:52 PM