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Will Senator Mark Kirk Vote for the DREAM Act?

posted at 12:30 am on December 9, 2010 by

Newly sworn in Senator Mark Kirk (R-Il) will face his first controversial vote as the Senator from Illinois as Harry Reid will keep his campaign promise and bring the DREAM Act to a vote.  The House voted and passed the DREAM Act on Wednesday night and Allah notes the defectors.

It’s no secret that Kirk is known to be a liberal, but his non-specifics on immigration are troubling.  Towards the end of the campaign, I contacted Kirk’s headquarters and spoke with his media liaison twice and asked about Kirk’s position on the DREAM Act and cap and trade.  The contact would not answer my questions and promised to send an email explaining Kirk’s positions on both of these issues.  I’m still waiting.

Meanwhile, Kirk’s campaign site has this nugget:

I believe that immigration reforms cannot succeed without border security first.  Given the 20,000 Mexican citizens already killed in cartel-related violence, I understand the decision made by the people of Arizona.

I support the completion of the wall, doubling the number of border police and increased surveillance technology on our borders.  One state cannot solve this problem alone and that is why we need leaders in Washington that will back an effective federal policy to control our border.

But, border security is not immigration reform and he does support a federal policy for immigration reform, but is continually void of any specifics.  Kirk also “understands” the Arizona law as do most.  But, I’d like to know if he agrees with it?

I understand that this is Illinois, and like Massachusetts, we have to settle for more liberal-leaning Republicans.  With that said, it’s key for these politicians’ constituents to know how to cut through the campaign double-speak or political sham-wow as so many career politicians are masters of the verbal shell game.  It’s especially troubling that Kirk did vote for cap and trade in the House, but then flipped to a no vote if elected to the Senate.  Will he flip again, but this time on immigration?

Kirk is receiving lots of pressure from activist groups as well and his vote on the DREAM Act will be revealing as to which drummer he will march and what we can expect from him in the 112th Congress.

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