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Star Parker’s CA Elections: Deceased Woman elected; letter by Sec’y of State Bowen under investigation

posted at 1:35 pm on November 15, 2010 by

Note: Special guest posting by a reporter on the ground in CA 37.

By Rebecca Diserio

Laura Richardson & mentor Maxine Waters

In a State where virtually no Republican or Independent won Tuesday November 2, many Conservatives in the Golden State are left scratching their heads.  One story of particular interest revolves around the Secretary of State Deborah Bowen (D), and a “letter” sent out by the Democratic Party.  The letter, (copy below), was sent to only Democrats and “Decline to State” in the 28th State Senatorial District, which encompasses cities from Long Beach, Carson, Redondo Beach, Signal Hill, which also crosses most of the 37th Congressional District which was the location of the heated campaign of Star Parker(R) vs. Laura Richardson(D).

In an uncanny string of unrelated events, State Senator Jenny Oropreza (D) passed away mid October.  Her challenger,  John Stammreich (R), was informed it was “too late” to take the late State Senator off the ballot.  It was at this same time, in late October, that the letter arrived to the 28th District registered voters-with the exception of any registered Republicans.The letter, not on official “State of California” letterhead, but return address “Debra Bowen, Secretary of State, California” stated:

“You have the right to know how the illness of Jenny Oropeza’s illness impact your election day choice.

Jenny Oropreza name is on the ballot.  You have the right to vote for her.

If you do and she wins, there will be a special election called.  You will then                                   be able to thoughtfully consider who will represent you in the Senate in the next four years.”

Debra Bowen

Secretary of State

“Letter to 28th District from Bowen, Under Investigation”

The Republican Party responded with a letter of complaint.  John Stammreich (R), stated

“This is wrong. This is the chief elections officer who is supposed to be safeguarding the election process. Instead she is giving her name and her official title to illegally sway the outcome of this election,” he said in a conference call with reporters.”

Here is the official letter of complaint by the Republican Party: (Of Course look who’s office its going to, Outgoing AG Jerry Brown, Our New Democratic Gov, the Sequel–its his 2nd time around as the Gov) Republican Parties Complaint re: Sec’y Bowen Unethical Letter

Star Parker

Enter the 37th District, which as stated earlier encompasses much of the same territory, cities as the 28th State District.  Known as “Democratic Strongholds” for years, the gerrymandering of all of LA County is impressive.  As a life long resident of California, primarily LA County, its a no-brainer to see how the Congressional Districts are drawn for a Democratic victory.  In all of LA County, there is only one Republican Representative, Drier, but his District crosses into San Bernadino County.  But I digress, the 37th, which is Long Beach, Compton, Signal Hill, Carson, and some smaller unincorporated areas, is vastly Hispanic, African American, and Pacific Islander.

I became involved with the Star Parker campaign, and ended up helping set up the Compton office for Star.  My family is from Compton, my father owned a small business there for over 50 years, and his parents before him.  If all politics is local, my family name, Diserio, was a way to recruit a heavy democratic populace, into at least listening for 5 minutes about Star Parker.

Within a few days, with the guidance and leadership of Pastor Charles Patrick, we had a volunteers manning phone banks, and we went to work on Compton.  After 12 to 16 hour days of a month straight, and frequenting the main Long Beach office, and phone banking there myself, the inside scoop from all sources was that Star was making headway, not only headway, but her coffers were filled with donations from all over the country.

The Richardson campaign, in financial trouble, hardly mounted any rebuttal.  The Democratic Party seemingly had thrown Richardson “under the bus”, due to her being an “embarrassment” to the Party.  She had a record of 3 houses simultaneously in foreclosure, she had ethics violations to answer, and she appeared on the “10 Most Corrupt Congressman list “10 Most Corrupt Comgressman by CREW”.    Michelle Obama blew through California, stumping for different candidates, dismissing Richardson, “not even a courtesy blackberry text” was the scoop.

With the death of Senator Oropreza, who was well respected by Dem’s and Rep’s alike, after a day or two of somberness, Parker’s campaign was elated to book Richardson to a few debates. Parker clearly cleaned Richardson’s clock, as documented by many local papers.  Unknown at this time, was the letter, that was sent out.  Clearly, the Democratic Party was concerned with this area, and one reason being the “Port of Long Beach”, which holds ties to several Unions.  Talk around town was of the SEIU dumping “a ton of cash” into Richardson’s campaign, to keep that Port area off limits to a non-politico like Star Parker.  As far as this writing, that money never materialized.

The night before the election Star Parker called a “Townhall” at the last minute.  The mood was elation.  It appeared to all close to the campaign, that Parker, her nationally known personality–both as a columnist, as the founder of CURE foundation, and her network TV work as a frequent guest on Hannity, the View, O’Reilly etc in the last 5 years and her African American roots, rising from a welfare Mom to changing her life so dramatically, had appealed to the 37th District.  What I didn’t know was Richardson had a history of voter fraud.

In the June primary, charges were headlined in the local papers about her campaign, and the Democratic Party, registering nursing home resident, the disabled. Richardson’s opponents in the June Primary, Lee Davis and Peter Matthews filed complaints, which also included their names being left off ballots in over 300 precincts.

As one blogger notes, her blogspot “California is a Third World Cesspool”:

“This IS not a preposterous scenario. I live in long beach(LA COUNTY) and when i go to vote the voter booth never asks me for voter or picture ID. LA HAS MILLiONS OF NON-CITIZEN GREEN CARDERS AND ILLEGALS AND IT WOULD BE A PIECE OF CAKE FOR THEM TO USE FAKE ID’s AND FAKE INFO TO REGISTER TO VOTE.”  “California Blog-Voter Fraud in Long Beach CA”

I do not think California is a cesspool, although, I wanted to be clear that voter fraud is not all that hard to accomplish.   Along with all the other hard cold facts about Ms. Richardson, combined with the unethical behavior of Debra Bowen, our Secretary of State, who is “safe guarding” our elections here in California, I’m sure you’ll be scratching your head too.

Below are some links that are a must see on this story.   Voter fraud Charges June Primary 2010

She is summed up superbly at Frugal Cafe Blogger–check out video of Richardson’s Cuba trip and her love for Castro and admitting Cuba is “beter” than her district  “Laura Richardson LOVES Cuba, Its better than her District”

CNN reports on Laura Richardson’s Ethics Violations

And Star Parker’s bid for Congress? The Registrar stated Parker carried 23% to Richardson’s 67%.  Pretty impressive, not withstanding Richardson’s coffer’s reported “in the red”.  One theme comes to mind for me: Chicago Style: West Coast Edition.

Cross-posted from Emerging Corruption.

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Oh gosh, I am so sorry that Star didn’t win. I really like this lady. I had a feeling things would be hard for her in a wildly d state. I hope they investigate this, but probably won’t with brown as gov. now.

letget on November 15, 2010 at 2:10 PM

a reporter on the ground in CA 37

Hey there, neighbor (I’m in North Long Beach).

I was disappointed in Parker’s loss, and surprised at the lopsidedness of the vote. I don’t think I saw any Richardson signs in my neighborhood, but there were a handful of Parker signs at both businesses and residences. Most of the signs didn’t appear until the last few days, though.

The people I talked to seemed to be about evenly split between people who vote straight-ticket Democrat and people who were pretty much anti-incumbent. I was expecting a lot closer race.

malclave on November 15, 2010 at 3:19 PM

The Debra Bowen letter is very wrong, but I doubt that investigation will adjust that problem satisfactorily.

Riverside County, where I vote, has had its own problems. Not clear if it’s just incompetence, but the registrar was finally fired last week after ANOTHER election in which there were issues with delays and uncertainty about the vote count. Voting goes solidly Republican here, and I don’t think the citizens would get up in arms unless Democrats started unaccountably winning. But there have been reasons for real concern.

Voting machines messed up the count in 2004, and ever since then a watchdog group (with a left-leaning political viewpoint) has been all over the Riverside County registrar. I don’t think, myself, that Republicans are trying to perpetrate vote fraud here, but I am squarely behind the demands this group has made, under California law, to have observers at the vote count. All the county ballots are counted in the central collection spot, which is the method most vulnerable to fraud. I have no problem with citizen groups wanting to observe the count — and state law says they have a right to.

But the registrar here has made it difficult to impossible for any groups other than the designated observers from the county commission, and the major political party organizations, to observe the count. Meanwhile, her counts keep having all sorts of problems. In the June primary, over 40,000 mail-in ballots were excluded from the count because, even though they were sitting at the postal depot prior to the cut-off time on election day, the registrar didn’t manage to have them picked up by the cut-off time. It was her office’s error but she ruled that the 40K+ votes would go uncounted. It took a state judge to rule that they had to be counted — 3 months later.

The thing about this is that it’s the kind of thing that happens all over the country. The fired registrar was a career public employee; I have no idea if she was dishonest and don’t want to make allegations against her. But it would be hard to tell, because voters don’t seem to take it very seriously when these problems arise. It would be really easy to slip in nefarious activity under cover of incompetence. It’s definitely something to be concerned about.

J.E. Dyer on November 15, 2010 at 3:24 PM

Star Parker is an amazing woman, and would’ve made a wonderful representative. I’m also very sorry to hear that she didn’t fare well.

Midas on November 15, 2010 at 3:31 PM

That sounds like a Chavez-type election victory. I would bet that Parker got 67% and Richardson 23% but the numbers got flipped.

SilentWatcher on November 15, 2010 at 6:45 PM

I live in the 37th – moving this month from NLB back to Eastside – and we attended the rally the night before the election. I was optimistic about her chances, as was my wife.

Of all the California election disappointments, this one hurt the most. For 37th voters to prefer Richardson over Parker by such a margin borders on masochistic.

I get irritated when we vote, when we not only aren’t asked for ID, but those who try are told to put it away.

sulla on November 15, 2010 at 7:03 PM

Let’s stay on this case. Something is very fishy here. If, indeed, Star didn’t win, I’d love to see her as Palin’s press secretary.

SouthernGent on November 15, 2010 at 10:38 PM

Vote fraud is pretty much institutionalized in California, and has been for decades. In the South it’s organized voting by illegal immigrants, mainly, in the North it’s down to good old-fashioned ballot-stuffing and destruction of ballots.

Not every district does it, but they don’t all need to because of the Gerrymandering. It happens more in the outlying Bay counties, but I’ve had credible reports from the valley and mountain counties, too.

For the most part it goes uninvestigated because the State bureaucrats don’t mind it, and the local/state news won’t talk about it. We used to have a couple of conservative papers that would report on it occasionally.

Merovign on November 17, 2010 at 12:57 PM

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