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ACORN’s Insidious Work Continues

posted at 6:26 pm on October 26, 2010 by

With exactly one week left before one of the most important mid-term elections in America’s history, a certain party has once again decided to throw out the rule of law.

Dr. Melissa Clouthier explains.

“Republicans don’t run fraudulent election operations. Democrats do. It’s systemic.

Entering this election cycle is a group, True The Vote, who decided to do what they could to keep Houston elections clean and fair. They are not looking to influence the outcome. They’re looking to influence the process. That is, they want an idealistic vision fulfilled: a lawful, clean, fair and fraud-free election.

True the Vote is getting results…

The problem, it seems, is that the Democrats don’t care that it’s their organizations responsible for this and then, the Justice Department, which turns out to be a highly politicized and racist organization these days won’t prosecute.

So systemic fraud goes unchecked, and tacitly approved. And what is particularly galling is that those who risk exposing the fraud are then accused of racism and then sued. The criminals, in a sense, count on not being examined because the charge of racism is so toxic–especially to conservatives.

But we know this fraud exists Democrat-wide and it’s not a black phenomenon. Blacks just happen to be overwhelmingly Democrat.”

Houston Votes has done much grandstanding since the accusations of fraud were leveled against them in a document released to the public.

Houston Votes, which pays staff to collect voter registrations from citizens has turned in 25,640 registrations generating 7,193 new registered voters and resulting in 3,531 applications which were rejected because either Texas Drivers License numbers and/or Social Security numbers did not match. Houston Votes has also generated 129 felon rejection of applications and submitted 1,133 applications where the No ID box was checked and turned in 1,323 applications after the 5 day statutory deadline.”

While the group has been accused of ACORN-style voter registration fraud, it does not have any direct links to ACORN.  But State Representative Kirsten Thibaut does have strong ties to ACORN in her past and does sit on the advisory board of Texans Together Educational Fund, the parent organization of Houston Votes.

However, most will argue that Thibaut’s past associations have little do with her current position. Or do they? Meet Fred Lewis.

“The ethics reform lobbyist and campaign finance lawyer has launched a new nonpartisan voter registration drive that targets what he calculates are the 600,000 unregistered adult citizens there out of about 2.3 million who are eligible to vote. His team wants to sign up 100,000 of them — all in time for the November election. He sat down with the Tribune last week to talk about the project, Houston Votes 2010, which he hopes will get at least 50,000 new people to the polls.

Part of what makes Lewis believe he can meet that ambitious goal is the success of a similar effort administered in 2008 by the Texans Together Education Fund, a grassroots community outreach program that he founded. It registered 24,000 low-income residents, 65 percent of whom actually cast a ballot.”

Lewis has been described as a community organizer and has established a number of non-profits over the years. In the spirit of ACORN’s Wade Rathke, Lewis’s ventures appear to be all interrelated supporting organizations. One of those organizations is Campaigns for People. Lewis focused on campaign finance reform and used the same “corporate money” argument that Houston Votes has used against True the Vote.

“Our No. 1 enemy is cynicism,” said Fred Lewis of Campaigns for People Monday morning, as he unveiled a new TV ad designed by the CFP to “drive people to our Web site” – – and encourage them to get involved in organizing for campaign finance reform. The 30-second ad features a cigar-smoking representative of the “big-money boys” delivering a contribution worth “a year’s worth of wages” for most of us, and a fleeting vision of headlines announcing “the indictments coming down.”

Who directly supported the work of Campaigns for People? Why Kristi Thibaut’s Texas ACORN. Click pictures to enlarge.

This is what the Campaigns for People’s site looks like today.

Someone went through a lot of trouble to hide their tracks and even the Clean Up Texas Politics site has been scrubbed.

Lewis is also an active board member with Texas Impact. A group that held Townhall meetings with ACORN as late as 2008.

Lewis and Texas Impact also worked directly with ACORN on health care.

As this reporter has stated in many speeches, the white liberals behind ACORN are all to willing to use blacks and other minorities as pawns in their political power games. It appears that the same groups from 2004, 2006, and 2008 are now registering voters under a different name and hiring their old friends as “advisors.”

The King Street Patriots and True the Vote have uncovered the covert actions of ACORN and the Democrats -with the backing of the Obama administration – are poised to destroy them.

All eyes should be on Houston. If Democrats succeed in a state like Texas, ACORN will be registering 10 year old’s next year in red states around the country. Tomorrow, a part two will examine the key players and their motivations in more detail.

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man oh man…thanks for post

pretty disgusting

cmsinaz on October 26, 2010 at 7:29 PM

Thank goodness hubby and I already voted here in TX. I just hope the vote gets counted. With all these acron, seiu, bho, and team, one never knows. My state has a major choice, Perry(has some problems), but white would crater my state per bho and team.
Anita, you are a jewel. Thank you so much for all you do to inform us.

letget on October 26, 2010 at 7:53 PM

This has Chicago politics written all over it. A “private” company handling absentee balots in Illinois.

And, of course, there is this. Seems Nevada’s voting machines are toys of SEIU…since SEIU techs are in charge of calibrating the machines. Which for some reason have had a habit this past week of automatically voting for Harry Reid no matter who you check off on your electronic ballot.

Have heard about some serious “glitches” in voting machines in Carolina.

And, there is Dave Axelrod’s prediction that the Dems will win, albeit win in a “tough” election, but will win, regardless.

In other words, with guys like Axelrod and company doing their usual stuff…the fix is in.

Once the Dems lose control of Congress in six days, and the White House in 24 months, there simply has to be some serious criminal investigations, indictments and prosecutions of a lot of folks who have already proven they will stop at nothing to keep the Obama Progressive agenda in place for decades.

The right to vote is a precious Right of all citizens…not just those who are Obamatrons or otherwisde progressively pure.

Obama has already spoken in public about the “enemies” in our land…us, the right, conservatives, US citizens who are not fawning lackeys of Obama…and for a President to utter such words in public is certainly going to be followed by a lot of folks tryign to destroy these “enemies” in order to keep the Congress and the White House in Leftist hands for as long as they are able.

So, it is not just Houston that faces some major hurdles and problems getting an honest vote completed and properly counted and certified…all over America we are in danger of having this election stolen by progressives who have already shown they do not care about how the “enemies” vote…only that their candidates and their President receive astronomically impossible mandates again and again and again, regardless of how the actual voting takes place.

coldwarrior on October 26, 2010 at 8:06 PM

Electronic voting is a nightmare peddled Democrats and hysterical media after Election 2000. Any time your vote goes into an electronic black box, it is a breach of trust. It is ready-made for the Democrat vote-fraud machine and that’s what we’ve got.

Electronic voting must be banned by constitutional amendment. Paper ballots must be mandatory. Vote fraud must be punished.

Feedie on October 26, 2010 at 9:53 PM

Shenanigans will be the word of the nay next Tuesday. I put nothing past these villains who think that everything done in pursuit of retaining power is a positive no matter how illegal or immoral, (because they’re the good guys, of course.)

Corruption in the service of progressivism is noble, or something.///////////////////////////////////

hillbillyjim on October 27, 2010 at 3:02 AM

word of the nay day


hillbillyjim on October 27, 2010 at 3:03 AM

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