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Thank you, Obamacare: Our premiums are going up 45%

posted at 8:18 pm on October 20, 2010 by

Just got this note from my husband:

Our health (bi-weekly) insurance premiums are rising from $110 to $160. That’s a 45% increase. To be fair, to balance that out, the benefits are decreasing (higher co-pays, etc.).

That Obamacare is pretty awesome, isn’t it? How irrational of us not to be grateful to Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and company for shoving this down our unwilling throats. I guess we’re just not thinking clearly.

Leave a comment if you’ve gotten news similar to ours. Or worse, like JACG, whose policy is now illegal:

You are actually lucky compared to me. I can no longer purchase my policy, as it is not “obamacare approved”. I officially got the letter on Monday, but knew already that my insurance company will no longer carry my policy because the new mandates have made it too expensive. I asked if they thought anyone else would sell me the same policy and they told me that they are now illegal and I wouldn’t be able to get that policy again. They gave me three options, the least expensive of the three almost doubles my costs. It will go up about 85%. To make matters worse, I am losing all the money that is left over in my HSA, unless I use it up by the end of the year. Something that won’t happen unless there is a medical emergency that is major.

Obama lied, her coverage died.

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My premium is going up 25% per month, and my type of policy is being discontinued. I am being shifted into another one that complies with Obamacare.

Don’t know what the old policy rate increase would have been. Blue Cross Keystone HMO wouldn’t tell me other than it’s being discontinued, so they didn’t bother to calculate.

Wethal on October 20, 2010 at 8:46 PM

So I guess that’s an increase of $90 per month? Meanwhile, your taxes are going up in January. Congratulations. I’m sure you are diligently pursuing Vice President Biden’s encouragement to go out and consume, already.

J.E. Dyer on October 20, 2010 at 10:15 PM

Sorry, that should have been $100 a month, not $90.

J.E. Dyer on October 20, 2010 at 10:16 PM

We heard earlier that our provider has quoted us a rate that is just under 60% higher for 2011 for a plan with higher deductibles.. We haven’t decided yet (as a company) what we’re going to do in terms of passing it along to employees (some/all/none), canceling it altogether, etc. Between the sagging economy, taxes going up next year as well, etc – I’m pretty sure the news isn’t going to be good for our employees.

Midas on October 21, 2010 at 12:17 AM

HSAs are not like HRAs or FSAs. HSAs are owned by the person who contributes to them, just like a 401(k) or a savings account in a bank.

I don’t remember reading that Obamacare allows congress to seize HSA’s. Does JACG have anything to support his claim?

I know that Congress added an additional tax on withdrawing money from an HSA which is on top of the normal income tax paid to withdraw money for non-healthcare costs. Is that what JACG means?

livefreerdie on October 21, 2010 at 11:51 AM

I just got (as a retiree) a 26%, about $3000 a year increase. Additionally, deductibles have increased, percentage of reasonable expenses covered has decreased, and my prescription benefit has been decimated.

I was in tears reviewing this, as I have no alternatives. Obamacare is not something I like better as I read this bill.

The threat to privacy, the response of the medical community (leaving or not taking Medicare/aid), and the horrendous tax surprises in this bill. (3.8% tax on your house sale?) is CREATING a medical crisis that dwarfs any problem we had prior to this socialist getting into office.

November 2 is the final firewall, people. These despicable leftists mean to destroy the American way of life. Stop them. VOTE, and bring like minded friends to vote!

skeeter on October 21, 2010 at 8:07 PM

My premiums went up 45% like the authors. But I still have my HSA plan for 2011.

JACG should not be losing his HSA money even if he no longer has an HSA plan. It’s money for retirement and medical expenses now and tax advantaged better than a 401(k).

livefreerdie on October 22, 2010 at 9:10 AM