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The Naked Harry Reid

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Harry Reid likes to paint his opponent in this year’s Senate race — conservative Republican Sharron Angle — as some sort of extremist because she believes in the Constitution. But Sharron Angle didn’t nationalize the health care system against the will of the people. She didn’t put America on a trajectory of economic ruin with unprecedented “Stimulus” spending. She doesn’t favor open borders like Reid. And, best I can tell, Sharron Angle isn’t involved in the shady, sleazy deals that Reid’s been entangled with for decades.

From 2002 to 2005, Senator Reid was exceedingly generous with Christmas gifts for service workers at his luxury condo. He gave away $3,000 in gifts and gratuities for elevator and cleaning personnel. Unfortunately, the money came from campaign contributions and not his own bank account. It was only after the Associated Press’ John Solomon discovered the sleazy behavior that Reid claimed it was a clerical issue and a Republican smear campaign.

In 2004, for example, after Reid made a profit of $1.1 million on a real estate deal, he failed to fully disclose the details as required by the Senate. And his partner was reported to have extremely odd ties to the casino business and reportedly surfaced in investigations into organized crime and bribery.

In 2005, Sen. Reid sponsored an $18 million earmark to build a bridge over the Colorado River. Coincidentally, a few miles from the bridge’s location is a 160-acre parcel of land owned by one Senator Harry Reid. So, yes, Reid’s own earmark greatly increases the value of his huge swath of land.

Curiously, Reid had received 60 of the acres from an oil magnate friend — the owner of Haycock Petroleum — for a total of $10,000 in 2002, though its assessed value was $120,000. And Reid continues to underreport the value of the land, though nearby sales put its real value at nearly half a million.

Harry Reid’s three sons and his son-in-law are also concerned with serving the people. All have served as lobbyists and have blurred the line between family connections and special interests. In fact, his son-in-law helped increase lobbying fees at DC’s Holland & Hart from $100K to $2 million in only one year. A series of LA Times investigative reports suggested that Reid had introduced legislation and pressured regulators to unblock a huge real estate deal fronted a heavy Reid contributor who also happened to be the employer of Reid’s son Leif.

At the same time, Reid was vice-chair of the Senate Ethics Committee. When asked specifically about conflicts of interest involving family member-slash-lobbyists, he insisted there were none. Yet the Senate’s rules have since changed to prohibit lobbying by family members, but I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

The Times’ story found that mining companies paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to lobbying firms, and the payments just happened to follow around Reid’s son-in-law from firm to firm. Rory Reid’s services were also sought out by mining firm Placer Dome, according to the Times.

Reid’s son-in-law was also engaged by the American Gaming Association, a helicopter tour company fighting restrictions near the Grand Canyon, chemical companies seeking deals in Nevada and the Hughes Corporation as it looked for land near Vegas. Sen. Reid helpfully advanced all of their agendas — purely for altruistic reasons — and even helped a partner in the law firm that employed all of Reid’s sons get a right-of-way moved off his property.

“Reid never told his Senate colleagues or the public that the provisions he authored, some of which were technically and not apparently beneficial to anyone, were, in fact, introduced on behalf of clients who paid his sons and son-in-law over $2 million.”

But Harry Reid’s public service wasn’t yet complete. In running the Senate, Harry’s “spread the wealth” — using the taxpayers’ money to jam through socialized medicine with various bribes, payoffs and “incentives”.

When Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana was undecided about DemCare, Reid ensured she received a $300 million “bonus” for her state. Chris Dodd received a $100 million medical facility in Connecticut (any guess as to what it might be called?).

In short, Harry Reid is a menace to this country. His opponent, Sharron Angle, is not.

Remember in November.

Based upon: ELECTION YEAR: Defeating Harry Reid, an excerpt of the new book 2010: Take Back America: A Battle Plan   Cross-posted at: Doug Ross @ Journal.

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well, that’s slightly troubling. a mite damning. kinda.. bad.

Reid might be a problem.

WashingtonsWake on August 19, 2010 at 9:44 PM

Just wow. What a dirtball. If Reid shook my hand I’d have to count my fingers afterward, to make sure he hadn’t stolen some of them.

GnuBreed on August 20, 2010 at 7:40 AM

With a headline like that, you’re lucky, LUCKY to have my click. But good piece. I had totally forgotten all about Reid’s shady land deals.

“Damn you, 24-hour news cycle!”/

Abby Adams on August 20, 2010 at 9:39 AM

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