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8 Ways Fascist Feminists Are Ruining America’s Women

posted at 5:00 pm on August 1, 2010 by

Originally posted at David Horowitz’s Newsreal:

American women have some of the best lives in the world. We can literally do whatever we want. American women can go to school where we want, we can go to college, we can work wherever we want, we can marry whoever we want, and we can choose to lead whatever kind of life we want to lead. Millions of women in oppressed countries around the world cannot even imagine the freedom that American women so enjoy — and take for granted. We’ve come a long way in less than one hundred short years, but a lot of women can’t see that.

We’re constantly told that we’re victims of an invisible patriarchy, that we’re slaves to our hormones, that without abortion on demand we can’t fully be women, that we don’t need a man but we need the government. The people that tell women these lies are the same people who pretend to be fighting for us, who have hijacked feminism: the fascist feminists. Whereas once feminists fought for equality, today the femisogynists fight for things like taxpayer funded abortion and universal health care. They fight for women to be able to sleep around like men and ignore the consequences. And most of the time, women don’t even know they’re being manipulated and lied to. Thankfully, once the lies are exposed, it’s easy to see the con.

Here are eight ways that fascist feminists are ruining America’s women.

8. Encouraging Promiscuity

Once upon a time, men had to earn sex with a woman. He would have to take her on a series of dates. He would have to enter into a relationship with her to prove his commitment to her. He would have to invest time, money, and emotions into their relationship. The woman held all of the power. Now, men don’t even have to take women onto dates. Often, dating happens after a couple has started sleeping together regularly. Men barely have to put any effort into it anymore, women just give it up hours after meeting random guys at a bar or a party.

This, according to the femisogynists, is called being “empowered”. It’s being in charge of your sexuality. As far as they’re concerned, all that you need to do is get yourself some birth control and you’re A-OK. Emotional consequences? STDs? No problem! As long as you don’t get pregnant, sleeping around is just fine, even if you’re still in high school.

The problem? Most women don’t feel this way, and especially not young girls. Two-thirds of teenage girls who have sex in high school go on to regret it. Teenagers who have sex are much more likely to be depressed or suicidal. 1/4 of sexually active teens have an STD. A whopping 8,000 teens get an STD daily. And, even when you use contraception, pregnancy is still a possibility. Teenage mothers have higher likelihoods of poverty and dependence on welfare. But do the fascist feminists care about any of this? Nope! It’s sexual freedom, baby. Who cares about the consequences? If it feels good, just do it. The problem is that sex has become so devalued that celibacy has actually become trendy. Women are realizing that sleeping around all the time with tons of different men does not bring you strength or empowerment or freedom or love. But femisogynists don’t want women to know that.

Feministing founder Jessica Valenti wrote an entire book about it called The Purity Myth. Expecting women to be abstinent is ridiculous, virginity is weird, and fathers wanting their daughters not to have sex is creepy. But casual one-night stands? Hook-ups? SO awesome! Just use a condom, because they’re totally foolproof. Abstain? Hold out? So for our grandparents’ generation and un-empowered, frigid, prude chicks.

7. Sanctioning Victimhood

If a woman loses to a man in an election, it’s because she’s a girl. If a woman doesn’t get a promotion, it’s the patriarchy trying to keep her down. If a man winks at a woman on the street, he’s just trying to keep her in her place. If a woman gets accidentally pregnant, her life is forever ruined and her only option is to get an abortion.

These are some of the attitudes you’ll find in the fascist feminist set.

Rather than encouraging women to take control of their own lives and be truly empowered, the femisogynists are forever trying to make sure that women always wallow in victimhood. Everything is sexist, everything, from jeans to office dress codes to the obvious fact that men like to look at boobs. They complain that there aren’t equal numbers of men and women committing suicide. Even having babies is considered sexist (but more on that later). Radical feminists see sexism everywhere, and the patriarchy is always trying to keep women down. But how does this do women any favors?

The reality is that sexism is not everywhere, and women cannot be truly empowered if they see themselves as consummate victims. The reality is that the victim act is really just an excuse for fascist feminists to be greedy little whiners who get special treatment.

6. Dabbling In Misandry

Feminism has gotten a nasty reputation. Radical feminists are to blame for this of course, and they whine about it incessantly. Ask anyone what they think of when they hear the word “feminism”, and they’ll almost always think of “man-haters”. And there’s a good reason for it, too. When radical feminists hijacked feminism, a great many of the people involved in the radical feminist movement do indeed hate men.

A large part of the man-hating movement from the fascist feminists involves domestic violence and rape, which are, of course, horrible. The vast majority of men do not beat or rape their wives or daughters and find men that do despicable. But fascist feminists paint all men with a broad brush, so that even men who don’t engage in domestic violence or rape are still somehow responsible for it. And if they aren’t angry, violent oppressors, then they are useless, worthless creatures who are inferior to women. You will find some of the most awful vitriol aimed at men in the fascist feminist movement. The depths of the anger that these women possess is disturbing. Maybe they didn’t have a father growing up, maybe they had a boyfriend who did beat them, but for whatever reason, many of the fascist feminists truly hate men. The only men they approve of are feminized-beta male-Michael Cera-types, who I guess pose no threat to them because they’ll roll over and do anything a woman wants them to do.

It’s sad and ridiculous that femisogynists spend so much time accusing American men of oppressing women, and then completely ignore the actual oppression women face in the Middle East. The radical feminists are almost completely silent about that. They’ll throw it a bone every now and again, but by and large, they ignore it. Women in the Middle East are raped and have no way of getting justice for it; they are sold into slavery through forced marriages when they are still children. Oftentimes they cannot get an education or work among men. They cannot wear what they want, practice whatever faith they want, or make their own decisions. And this is all because of actual sexist men. But radical feminists ignore them and set their sights on American men, some of the most enlightened men on the planet.

Ask any American man who has a daughter, a sister, or a wife what he wants for American women, and most of them will say that they want girls to be able to get an education and be whatever they want to be. In this last presidential election, Hillary Clinton came extremely close to winning the Democratic nomination for president — that alone shows how far we have come. But fascist feminists ignore that, because they have an anti-male agenda to push.

5. Destroying Chivalry

One of the easiest ways a man can show respect towards a woman is through chivalrous actions. Opening a door, pulling out a chair, giving up a seat for a lady… actions like these all show deference and respect for a woman. Being willing to protect a woman and put yourself at risk for her shows her value and worth. But for some reason, chivalry has come under attack. Men don’t practice chivalry anymore, to the disappointment of women everywhere.

Why not? Well, according to a poll taken of college men, it’s because of radical feminism. Chivalry has been dubbed sexist. There’s an attitude from women that they don’t need a man. Women act as if chivalrous actions are somehow disrespectful. So why should men continue to be chivalrous? Many, many women are completely unappreciative when men treat them like a lady. And, according to the femisogynists, things like holding doors open for women are totally sexist. Fascist feminists see chivalry as dated, sexist, and demeaning. It doesn’t matter that most women yearn for it deep down. They miss romance, they miss dating, and they miss being treated with respect and honor. How many times do women cry on the phone to their friends that they can’t find a man who treats them well? Killing chivalry has a lot to do with that. Women have been manipulated and conditioned to see chivalry as something antiquated and disrespectful, so they spurn it when they see it. They still crave it though. They’re wanting something better.

Chivalry gives a woman power, the very thing that femisogynists claim to be after. If a man is going out of his way to be chivalrous towards a women, it’s because he respects her, it’s because he sees value in her, and it’s because he wants to show that he is worthy of her. Chivalry is actually empowering to women, it elevates them, but it’s missing in our relationships today because fascist feminists destroyed it. It says a lot more about the worldview of the radical feminists than it does about the merits of chivalry.

4. Attacking Motherhood

What would women say their most important role is as a woman? Could it be high-powered careerwoman? Sexually liberated minx? Pro-abortion activist? Maybe these are the most important roles a radical feminist could play, but for most normal women, their most important role is that of mother.

Think about it. Motherhood is biologically hardwired into us. Most women feel called to have children, and feel that there is nothing more beautiful or precious than a child. It’s why so many women are devastated when they miscarry or can’t have children. It’s also why so many women are destroyed after an abortion — they realize that they’ve just killed their baby.

Fascist feminists, though, want to free women of their motherhood chains. Having babies is sexist and breastfeeding is creepy. Nuclear families are dangerous, and motherhood destroys your life. It’s their own agenda that is being pushed, not what women actually want or need.

3. Requiring A Feminist Litmus Test

Nothing angers leftist feminists more than combining the words “feminism” and “Sarah Palin” in a sentence. When Sarah Palin defined herself as a feminist, Jessica Valenti and the feminist left lost their minds. That’s because to the fascist feminists, only certain women count as “real” feminists. Amanda Marcotte even helpfully defined the specific issues that women are supposed to care about. Only women who cater to the liberal extremist agenda can be called feminists to women like Jessica Valenti and Amanda Marcotte.

Consider Sarah Palin, a feminist if there ever was one. She’s an empowered, self-made woman with a high-powered, successful career. She also has five beautiful children, and a loving, supportive husband. She’s even admitted to struggling with the thought of having an abortion, but chose instead to give birth to her son Trig. But because she is a conservative, and because she is pro-life, she is shunned by the fascist feminist set.

The truth is, they’re likely intimidated by strong conservative women. Conservative women don’t live in a world of constant victimhood. They don’t define themselves by their gender. And when conservative women like Sarah Palin and Nikki Haley endure disgusting misogynist attacks, they don’t wail about the patriarchy keeping them down. And conservative women actually represent feminism and the average American woman, whereas femisogynists represent only themselves and their own pro-abortion, sexist, anti-male, victimized agenda. When faced with true empowerment, fascist feminists can only try to tear the empowered women down.

2. Promoting Lies and Manipulation

The lengths femisogynists will go to in order to keep abortion legal and commonplace are shocking and despicable. The abortion lobby, and Planned Parenthood in particular, profits off of the lies and manipulation of women. Live Action has exposed the dishonesty in their Rosa Acuna Project, which shows how far clinics will go in order to convince a woman to get an abortion. They’ll tell women that there isn’t a baby inside their womb, they’ll lie about the heart beating, or how developed the baby is. Clinics routinely give out medically false information to women, and radical pro-abortion feminists never say a word about lying to women in order to sell an abortion.

But if you really want to anger the fascist feminists, bring up mandatory pre-abortion ultrasounds, which they call emotionally torturous. One mother interviewed by the New York Times about seeing an ultrasound before her abortion said that women “almost have to think of it as an alien” in order to keep the images from haunting them. Of course the images haunt women — it’s an image of their unborn child that they’re about to kill! Seeing that image will convince many women not to have the abortion. And this is why the pro-abortion feminists are so vehemently against making women see an ultrasound first. They claim to be pro-choice, but how can anyone be pro-choice if they can’t make an informed choice?

The femisogynists don’t want women making their own choice when it comes to abortion. They want women with unplanned pregnancies to choose abortion, always, and never to keep their babies. So they excuse the lies, cover up the manipulation, and fight an ultrasound which would force abortion providers to be truthful about the baby they’re about to kill. If women are going to have abortions, then abortion providers and the pro-abortion feminists owe it to those women to at least give them medically accurate information.

1. Glorifying Abortion

There is perhaps nothing more anti-woman than abortion. But the pro-abortion radical feminists have flipped that onto its head, claiming that to be against abortion is to be anti-woman. And this may be the number one way that fascist feminists are destroying women.

Right now, 22% of all pregnancies will end in abortion. But how does abortion hurt women?

Well, first there are the physical risks. Abortion triples the risk of breast cancer, and abortions also increase the risk of future miscarriages. Emotionally, there are also some horrific consequences. Women who abort are much more likely to commit suicide, with a suicide rate three times higher than the general suicide rate. Women who have an abortion are at a higher risk for long-term clinical depression. There is also a link between abortion and substance abuse, and it can even have an effect on the children who were not aborted (called Survivor Syndrome). There’s also been a connection found between abortion and subsequent child abuse.

But all of this is denied by the fascist feminists. Abortion is important, because an accidental pregnancy will ruin your life! It’s horrifying how much the radical feminists actively try to convince women to have an abortion, that it’s no big deal, that you won’t feel guilt, sorrow, and regret for the rest of your life. The facts are clearly against them, which is why they try so hard to cover those facts up.

The truth is that abortion is not just some normal little medical procedure; it’s a tragedy. Most women intuitively know that; it’s why so many women struggle so much after aborting their children, especially when they realize they’ve been lied to or manipulated into doing it. That is anti-life, and it is anti-woman. It’s a tragedy, for the life that was lost and for the women who have to live with the consequences for the rest of their lives.

The radical pro-abortion crowd fights for abortion “rights” because they have an agenda to push. They don’t care about how harmful it is, and how it can absolutely destroy a woman.


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Good point on the not needing a man, but wanting to assign traditional male roles to government.

Radical Feminists are taught in their colleges that this country was made for and by the white male, and until the constitution is totally changed this country is evil.

PrezHussein on August 1, 2010 at 6:21 PM

The chivalry is the one that was the most surprising – was raised by parents who are very old school and alot of that just meshed well with my personality. Got into college and while many appreciated it, when they were feminiazis I got a 15min lecture on how evil i was.

One time had a woman do that outside an office building, made a huge scene and demanded I treat her like a guy. I said ok, and slammed it in her face (she didn’t get hit by the door). She complained and I said “If a guy acted like that when I did something helpful I’d throw it in their face too” and walked away.

Defector01 on August 1, 2010 at 8:46 PM

5. Destroying Chivalry

I would argue that the feminazis, in this case, merely finished off an institution that was already on the ropes.

Dark-Star on August 1, 2010 at 9:57 PM

The people that tell women these lies are the same people who pretend to be fighting for us, who have hijacked feminism: the fascist feminists. Whereas once feminists fought for equality, today the femisogynists fight for things like taxpayer funded abortion and universal health care.

No one hijacked feminism. It is what is. Destructive. Stop trying to redefine it to make it sound like a positive movement.

Connie on August 1, 2010 at 10:47 PM

I kind of like the chivalry thing. It’s one of the most charming attributes that men lean towards. And…frankly, I like it when they insist on paying the bill. I don’t think chivaly is’on the ropes’. It may be dying because women are letting it? But I’m not of the feminist generation or of a feminist mind set, so what do I know.

jeanie on August 2, 2010 at 1:29 AM

Fell asleep last night thinking about this. One of the conclusions I drew is that obama’s new group or committee or whatever it’s called to see that women and minorities get special treatment in promotions et al, in the long term will be damaging. What the end result will be is that fewer women and minotities will be hired in those small businesses not ‘controlled’ by the bossiest President evah. They’ll quietly be left out of the equation. Obama really, really needs to stay out of people’ lives. The man may be bright(Iwonder)but he is certainly one of the most short sighted policy makers in a world of short sighted policy makers.

jeanie on August 2, 2010 at 8:55 AM

I do think feminazis have destroyed feminism – something that actually started out with a valid purpose. I’m old enough to have experienced actual discrimination due to gender.

I can remember interviewing for jobs and being told “We don’t hire women for that job because no nice woman would want to do that.” Jobs that required travel or frequent moves were deemed inappropriate for women because A woman’s husband couldn’t be expected to relocate to accommodate his wife’s job and a woman shouldn’t be away from her husband that much. It didn’t matter if the woman was single because the interviewer knew that a pretty young thing would find a husband quickly.” Lower salaries for a woman in the same job as a man was okay because “A man has to support his family and a woman was just working for pin money.” Women who wanted jobs in primarily male fields were either sluts or guilty of wanting to ” take a job away from a man.”

So yes – there was discrimination and feminism objected to that. Somewhere along the way – maybe when the job problems got addressed – they added all the man hating, abortion loving, angry stuff that too many younger women think is the basis.

katiejane on August 2, 2010 at 10:16 AM

Lesbian baby boom ->proof that women have a biological urge to have children – even though it’s a difficult and expensive undertaking (artifical insemination).

hotdax on August 2, 2010 at 1:24 PM

No one hijacked feminism. It is what is. Destructive. Stop trying to redefine it to make it sound like a positive movement.

Connie on August 1, 2010 at 10:47 PM

I must disagree — katiejane’s comments above echo experiences my mother had as a young woman — but I will say that there is a profound difference between “equity feminism” (better and fairer treatment for women in the workplace than existed before) and “gender feminism” (either there is no difference between men and women, or if there is, women are superior).

I’m glad I can vote, even if a lot of women vote stupidly. I’m glad that back in 1920 there were enough fair-minded men to vote in favor of extending women the franchise. I’m glad I can work outside the home and get paid more or less what a man would make doing my job (I haven’t seen any salary-disparity studies that account for women taking time off to have children, which I would have gladly done, and gladly taken the salary hit for, if only I could have!).

But modern feminism has poisoned our society as much as the minority-grievance industry, and in much the same way.

Mary in LA on August 2, 2010 at 3:07 PM

Thanks for posting this, Cassy. We need to hear the truth.

Rosmerta on August 2, 2010 at 4:17 PM

No one hijacked feminism. It is what is. Destructive. Stop trying to redefine it to make it sound like a positive movement.

Connie on August 1, 2010 at 10:47 PM

Listen – nobody will mind much if YOU don’t want any career besides being an unpaid nanny/maid/chauffeur. But don’t think for a minute that every woman thinks that way.

Feminism is like unions. Once they were useful, now they’re not.

Dark-Star on August 3, 2010 at 11:13 AM

I wish you had included in this excellent treatise candidate Barack Obama’s revealing comment that if one of his daughters made a “mistake” that he would not want her to be “punished” with a baby. This single comment crystallizes everything that is wrong and misguided about liberal thought: casual sex that results in a pregnancy of a young teen is simply a “mistake;” we should never punish people for “mistakes;” and a baby is a “punishment”, not a person.

I wouldn’t say that fascist feminists are ruining America’s women, but they are certainly not helping to truly empower women.

rockmom on August 3, 2010 at 11:17 AM

Great post, Cassy. Keep them coming.

My collie says:

The MSM has adopted and pedaled 6. Dabbling In Misandry in a BIG way. Think about how many television programs that have appeared in the past forty years (beginning roughly with All in the Family in the 1970s) that have represented the father figure as a complete buffoon.

CyberCipher on August 3, 2010 at 2:31 PM

One time had a woman do that outside an office building, made a huge scene and demanded I treat her like a guy. I said ok, and slammed it in her face (she didn’t get hit by the door). She complained and I said “If a guy acted like that when I did something helpful I’d throw it in their face too” and walked away.

Defector01 on August 1, 2010 at 8:46 PM

That’s appropriate. I really don’t get women who complain about things like that. Maybe it’s just how I was raised, but I really like all that stuff. In high school I went to the military ball with a friend and loved being treated like that. Though I wouldn’t want it all the time, it was nice that all the men stood up whenever I needed to leave the table and that my date was always getting my chair.

Even still, I don’t expect men to hold the door or let me out of the elevator first. I tend to hesitate and let them make the decision. But whenever they do, I take it as a complement and enjoy it.

Esthier on August 3, 2010 at 2:54 PM

They miss romance, they miss dating, and they miss being treated with respect and honor. How many times do women cry on the phone to their friends that they can’t find a man who treats them well? Killing chivalry has a lot to do with that.

Do women really want nice guys? I don’t think so. I think women are turned on by men who display alpha male traits- men who act masculine. Emotionally distant, not willing to get caught up in a woman’s emotional storms, independent. Look at Romance novels and you will see the kind of men of whom women fantasize.

Women get what they want in relationships because men want to please them. No fault divorce has destroyed the family and our society is reverting back to a pre-agricultural mating pattern when 40% of the men reproduced with 80% of the women.

This will only stop when marriage is no longer a worthless contract. And please stop chastising men who refuse to get married under the current family court regime. Men have the most to lose.

Bill C on August 4, 2010 at 8:39 AM

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