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CBC to Obama: Excuse Us, But We Believe You Were Busy Buying Our Votes

posted at 2:08 pm on July 31, 2010 by

The segment of black America* who follow Democrats come hell or high water is learning a hard lesson today. The administration promised to send $1.5 billion to Arkansas to help Blanche Lincoln out of a re-election mess. You know, the same old tactic of using your money to buy votes. However, President Obama has also plead poverty to avoid paying out $1.2 billion promised to settle an old discrimination case against black farmers that now includes more “farmers” than actually exist. Moe Lane lays out the administration’s lesson plan.

What’s happening here is that Blanche Lincoln is a heavily-beleaguered Democratic Senator who was severely wounded in her primary, and is now facing almost certain doom in the general. But if 1.5 billion can save her, it can save her. In contrast, the members of the CBC enjoy the twin advantages of being ensconced in districts gerrymandered for their convenience via federal statute, and being the (eager) beneficiaries of forty years of Democratic agitprop dedicated to painting the GOP as veritable demons from Hell when it comes to race relations. In other words, they’re not going anywhere and their constituents will overwhelmingly vote for the President in 2012: so why is the CBC raising a fuss? And why should the administration care if they do?

Because, really, what does the AA community plan to do about being put-upon like this? Vote Republican?

For those of you searching for the hopeychangeyness in this exercise in rank political power, let me know if you catch a glimpse, would you? I’ve looked, but all I see is the same corrupt backroom vote-trading I’ve seen from Washington almost all my life.

*Yes, I realize that segment is considerable, but there is no doubt that not every black voter in this country has swallowed the progressive Kool-Aid. Perhaps this will help a few more realize that they’re not being fed sweet, sweet drink but a pretty noxious swill.

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