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Diane Anderson fundraiser fans local conservative flames

posted at 12:14 pm on July 14, 2010 by

Conservative politicians and enthusiastic constituents gathered to support Minnesota State House Representative candidate Diane Anderson Tuesday night at a fundraiser in Eagan.

House District 38A is looking at round two with Diane Anderson [R] and incumbent Sandra Masin [DFL] in the 2010 race.  Rep. Masin won the seat in 2008 by a margin of 5 percent, but Anderson is back for a victory, along with the rest of her party.

“I really do believe we’re going to win this year,” she affirmed at Tuesday’s event.

Conservative colleagues like Lt. Gov. Candidate Annette Meeks and Rep. Kurt Zellers couldn’t agree more.  Meeks and Zellers, spoke on Anderson’s behalf Tuesday and infused listeners with their own excitement for the coming race.

“Diane Anderson will help us be in the majority,” said Zeller, current Republican Minority Leader, pushing for a turnover in the House.

According to Meeks, Minnesotans need the strong leadership conservatives can provide in a time of economic instability and fiscal failure.

“People are afraid and people are fed up,” she said, citing public disapproval as the motive for the Republican campaign.

Also in appearance at the fundraiser was Rep. Pat Anderson, candidate for State Auditor, Rep. Pat Garofalo, and prominent conservative bloggers Mitch Berg and Ed Morrissey.  Along with Meeks and Zellers, Berg and Morrissey sowed words into Anderson’s campaign and emphasized Republican goals for the fall election.

Berg’s stumpesque rant could have been entitled: “Flight of the Underdogs: How the Chicago Bears Mirror the Republican Victory in 2010 State Elections.”  Morrissey followed by making a case for the necessity of conservative policy for government that has been running on old methods.

“We’re learning lessons, frankly, that we learned in the 1970’s,” he remarked.

The common assertion that Republicans hate government is simply incorrect, according Morrissey, who claimed that conservatives simply want to hang onto a little more of their own money and personal choices.

“What we hate is excessive government, government waste, and inefficiency,” explained Morrissey, “When government tries to do too much, they never do anything well.”

If conservatives like Diane Anderson, Annette Meeks, and Tom Emmer take office this fall, their small government paradigm is sure to make its mark on Minnesota

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I sure hope Diane wins big so there will not be a question of fruad, as has happended before in MN in the d race!

letget on July 14, 2010 at 12:47 PM

She is going to be an excellent representative for that district, and it’s high time she was. Masin is ranked dead last as a representative in the MN House.
We cannot have a not-present representative during our Somali invasion…

winoceros on July 14, 2010 at 1:30 PM