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Vernon Parker: Trained by the Best

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What you see in this photo is me checking my recently-purchased digital mini-recorder prior to my March 29 interview with Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker, who is running for Congress in AZ-3. The interview was arranged by our friend Barbara Espinosa of American Freedom blog. However, transcribing audio is for me the journalistic equivalent of a root canal, which partly explains why it took me more than a week to write up the feature about Mayor Parker for The American Spectator:

Vernon Parker was trained by one of the most legendary campaign strategists in American history.
“The first time I met him, he said, ‘Hey, you got a job?’ — with that South Carolina accent — I said, ‘No, not yet.’ He said, ‘Well, come on over here and let me introduce ya to some folks.'”
The man with the Carolina drawl was none other than the late Lee Atwater, who ran the campaign that elected George H.W. Bush president in 1988 and who served as chairman of the Republican National Committee before his death in 1991.
“He gave me my first start in politics,” said Parker, a Texas native who is 50 but looks much younger. Nearly 25 years after beginning his political career, he still speaks of the lessons he learned from his first mentor. “It is a fight… It is a war. And I will take all the tools that my friend Lee Atwater taught me and we’ll deploy with my team and fight to take this country back.” . . .

Please read the rest of that article.

Vernon Parker’s Web site is here, and you can also follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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