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Martha Coakley spelled Massachusetts wrong? Seriously?

posted at 7:28 pm on January 12, 2010 by

Wow. In the “Worst Political Gaffe Ever” category, Martha Coakley is the winner by far. After the debate against Scott Brown last night (a debate she’d been ducking for quite some time), she quickly released a smear ad against Brown. There’s nothing shocking about that, for sure, until careful viewers were able to notice that Martha Coakley misspelled the name of the state she wants to represent in the Senate.

The ad was quickly taken down after the blogosphere erupted over the idiotic mistake, and a new version of the same ad was published without the extra “e” in Massachusetts.

It may be trivial, but at the same time… how could she let her staffers make that kind of mistake?? The bigger issue I see here is clearly a lack of oversight and a failure to think things through. It reeks of being rushed. She ignored the campaign for weeks while Brown was out there getting Republicans energized. Then, when she realized that she was in trouble, she scrambled to throw together an attack ad without paying important attention to details, like… how to spell Massachusetts. Martha Coakley did not put this ad together herself, of course. Some staffers of hers did. But she had to approve it, she had to give it the go-ahead to be aired. And she didn’t have the attention to detail to notice that Massachusetts was spelled wrong. It’s her name on the line here, and she didn’t even pay close enough attention to notice that??

The ad itself, which you can see here, is unimpressive. It’s clearly desperate. and even has a little bit of Nazi imagery in it to me (look for Rush Limbaugh in it and you’ll know what I mean). It’s filled with attacks that can’t be based on facts, which I’m sure that Martha Coakley knows. She’s banking on uninformed voters watching the ad and being influenced by that ad alone. Any voter who does even a modicum of research is likely to snort with laughter over a Democrat’s assertion that we can’t afford a Republican… considering that Democrats have devastated our economy in just one short year. Democrats have tripled our deficit, yet Coakley’s pulling that line out? OK, lady. Good luck with that.

Martha Coakley has run a horrible campaign, so bad that the state and national party has had to bail her out. Massachusetts should be a lock for Democrats, but look at where we are now. The DSCC has poured $800,000 into Coakley’s campaign in just two short days, money that they may have needed to spend in states that will be a real uphill battle for them, like Nevada. I hate to say it, but if Martha Coakley had run a better campaign, she probably wouldn’t have had to worry quite so much about Scott Brown. A lot of this mess is her own doing. Boston is a blue, blue city. Yet the DSCC is buying half a million dollars in campaign ads for her in the Boston market. They really shouldn’t have to, and under normal circumstances, they wouldn’t have to. This is a testament to the energy of Republicans and Independents… and also to how pathetic a campaign Coakley has run. This is an election that has so much riding on it for both Democrats and Republicans, yet she’s acting as if she couldn’t care less.

And when she’s got such poor attention to detail and such a cavalier outlook on her campaign that she doesn’t even care if one of her ads spells Massachusetts wrong… well… what does that say about what kind of senator she’s going to be?

Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit

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Right on, Sassy Cassy!

I can’t believe it either.

thebrokenrattle on January 12, 2010 at 8:20 PM

When I lived there in 1969 I spelled it TAXACHUSETTS–and it fit quite well.
I owned a 1961 Pontiac I had bought in Nevada as a used car. Since I didn’t have the original tax receipt on the car Mass forced me to pay the new 1961 tax on an 8 year old car to register it there!
It was good to leave for Texas a year later.
John Bibb

rocketman on January 13, 2010 at 2:11 AM