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Connecticut Senator Christopher Dodd Announces Retirement—House of Cards, (that Obama built), Beginning to Crumble

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The Democrats “all in” strategy is starting to resemble a terrible Texas holdem’ hand.  The problem is, the Democrats are running their bluff on the American public’s money, and the stakes couldn’t be higher.  With Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi putting on the final touches of their backroom payoffs, (with taxpayers dollars), to complete the “great healthcare swindle”,  other prominent Democrat leaders—who are holding losing hands—are folding under the pressure of public opinion and suicide spending policies designed to broker their election coffers in the next cycle.

At the center of the “greatest bluff” is a distorted healthcare bill even Democrats no longer believe will reduce the cost.  Originally designed to overhaul how healthcare is delivered and provide insurance to 30-40 million without coverage, the Democrats got sucked into the industry lobby’s promise to support “this historical legislation” with billions of taxpayer dollars changing hands.  President Obama and his “strategist” thought they had an already stacked deck by buying off the insurance industry and the pharmaceuticals.  With this “all in” attitude, (and a majority in the House and Senate), Reid and Pelosi figured they could force their opposition to throw in their hands and wait for a new deck. They’ve already won several hands, bluffing their way by passing astronomical spending bills filled with pork laden earmarks again designed to bolster their own districts, all under the guise of saving the economy, (and Joe Biden’s favorite three-letter word), JOBS.

The Flop……….

As the national debt and the deficit exploded at a record pace, and with the exception of liberal hacks like socialist Paul Krugman, leading economist continued to send out warnings that the governments spending policies would eventually have to be reined in.  Yet Krugman, even as recently as last month, was still calling for a second stimulus/porkulus .  This insane idea is equivalent to doubling down—hedging their bets—with an open checkbook supplied by the Treasury and the Federal Reserve.  Further insulting the general public, Congress, who is supposed to control the power of the purse, have turned a blind eye to the unregulated, (and most likely unconstitutional), re-direction of TARP money specifically directed to bail out the financial institutions AND legislatively written to be returned to the Treasury.  With only 30% of a 787 billion dollar “stimulus” package, (again designed to keep unemployment between 7-8 percent), Reid and Pelosi gambled they could save, (hold back), this money and then start payoffs to their Democrat districts in the upcoming election cycle.  What these “genius’s” never figured into their strategy, (using unfunded taxpayer dollars), was an electorate in the form of tea parties filled with independents and moderate fiscal democrats, along with conservative Republicans, (who stayed home in 2006 because of Bush’s spending policies), promising to purge EVERY politician that refused to stop this unchecked spending madness, in effect, CALLING THEIR BLUFF.  Even while Democrats, seeing the “flop” of the cards, (and having garbage for whole cards), many continue to believe their “bluff” will prevail.

“Know when to fold them, know when to run”

In the vain of Kenny Rogers famous song, two prominent Senate Democrats have now announced their intentions to “throw in their hands” seeing the writing on the wall.  Within hours after North Dakota Democrat Byron Dorgan announced he will not seek re-election, Senator Christopher Dodd, a five-term Democrat is also folding his hand.  With the polls showing two-thirds of the public firmly against the current legislation in the healthcare bill, and Democrats seeing negative double-digit polling in their re-election bids, (and President Obama’s numbers falling like an uncontrolled rockslide—or a house of cards), it’s a wonder more “players at the table” haven’t folded.  Nancy Pelosi’s recent bluff, claiming  the “most open process ever”, could be the icing on the cake—or in Pelosi’s case, shoving cake in the electorate faces—while her and Harry Reid sit behind closed doors with nothing left but more payoffs  attempting to buy their way out of this mess with YOUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS.

Note to Obama, Reid, and Pelosi:  WE’RE CALLING YOUR BLUFF AND WE’RE ALL IN!

Obama and the Democrats have gambled with YOUR MONEY, and they’ve got a losing hand.  Nothing could be more transparent.

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I hate to use the analogy (or is it a metaphor?), but the Dems are like Dem House. They know they are gone, so they may feel liberated to go at insane ramming speed (warp factor 11ty?) between now and November. Except it’s not a homecoming parade; it’s our homes and lives they will be wrecking.

Then again, they were sort of going at rammnig speed in 2009, so…

ParisParamus on January 6, 2010 at 8:15 AM

Is Peter Schiff a Paul nut? Paul isn’t a nut because of his economic outlook but rather his foreign policy/defense outlook. What about Schiff?

ParisParamus on January 6, 2010 at 8:27 AM

Sure it’s good news, now he can vote to screw America without any consequences. BamBam will get him a nice cushy no show up job in the politburo. Maybe he can get some stimulus grants from the global warming lying team …

tarpon on January 6, 2010 at 8:30 AM

Dodd will probably end up running Fannie or Freddie for awhile to collect a big bonus. Isn’t that the usual stop over when retiring. The people of CT have a huge opportunity to stop this madness and not send another dem to DC. They will be going down the tubes with the rest of us if they do.

Kissmygrits on January 6, 2010 at 10:15 AM

Schiff is not a Paul nut.

BlameAmericaLast on January 6, 2010 at 7:27 PM