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NYC distributing an instructional guide to using heroin?!

posted at 9:14 pm on January 5, 2010 by

New York City is one of the most famous cities in the world, a tourist hotspot, and a favorite gathering place for celebrities. It’s also completely infested with moonbattery. RINO Mayor Mike Bloomberg is perhaps most famous for ushering in a nanny state that is almost too insane to believe. A prime example is the pamphlet that is being distributed in the Big Apple, called “Take Charge, Take Care: 10 Tips for Safer Use”. It’s an instructional guide on how to use heroin safely.

While concerns over the 16-page pamphlet have arisen in recent days, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene created its “Take Charge, Take Care: 10 Tips for Safer Use” brochure in 2007. Its purpose, according to a statement from the department, is “to help people who are injecting drugs reduce the harm associated with this type of drug use until they are able to get into treatment and recover.”

… “The pamphlet provides potentially life saving advice” reads a health department statement.

But critics such as New York City Councilman Peter F. Vallone Jr., chairman of the council’s Public Safety Committee, believes the pamphlet is “an indefensible waste of taxpayer money” and is effectively spreading a lie that there is a safe way to inject drugs.

“Heroin use is at epidemic levels in New York, and we should be spending money to address that, not teach first-timers how to use,” says Vallone.

Users are instructed to never use alone and to always use new supplies, even giving recommendations on where to find new syringes. Junkies are encouraged to warm up their bodies by jumping up and down before they inject themselves, because this will help them find the vein easier. Bloomberg says that the entire purpose of this pamphlet is by getting people to do whatever they are going to do as “healthily” as they can.

Because, you know, there’s healthy druge use and unhealthy drug use.

What makes this even more insane is that this is the same mayor who has ushered in an amazing nanny state in New York City. He’s banned trans fats, attacked cigarettes, tried to institute forced calorie counting, and even more insanity when it comes to nutrition. (Adults can’t be trusted to make their own nutritional choices.) So, is what Mayor Bloomberg is saying is basically that eating trans fats is worse than shooting up heroin? I doubt we’ll see any instructional pamphlets on how to eat a healthy amount of trans fats from the nutritional warrior. There’s no “safe” way to use drugs, but here’s Mayor Bloomberg, telling drug addicts that there is.

The most appalling part of these heroin pamphlets, though, is something that even the most idiotic person could figure out.

Which people are most likely to need instructions on how to shoot up heroin: seasoned drug addicts or people just starting to use drugs? Someone who is already addicted to heroin would know all of the little tips on how to shoot up properly. Someone who is curious about using or has just started using would find this pamphlet very useful, though. An addict would find it completely useless. This pamphlet is basically a how-to guide of using heroin. And it’s awful, because this leads people who may have had reservations about using heroin just take the leap, all because the NYC government is telling them that there is a safe way to do it.

So, to sum up, in Bloomberg’s world, there is no healthy way to eat trans fats and smoking is awful. Eating too many calories should be outlawed and “green” taxis should be mandatory. Heroin, on the other hand, isn’t that great, but if you’re going to use it, you might as well do it “safely”. Nevermind the poison you’re injecting into yourself — just make sure you’re injecting it properly.

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Mayor Bloomberg: Call your office.

Jeff2161 on January 6, 2010 at 1:10 AM

Maybe Bloomberg could star in a promotional “How-to” video? Not only could everyone become well educated about the proper shoot-up techniques, there’d be the added bonus of watching a politician’s behavior before and after, as if there is much difference. Don’t forget the chance for an Oscar, joining Al Gore in that elite circle. This is pretty much a no-lose idea for everyone. And it’s safe.


Robert17 on January 6, 2010 at 7:40 AM

Your tax dollars hard at work. Sigh.

Years ago, I read a cartoon satire about sex ed, posing the question: what if we taught drug ed the way we teach sex ed? So the teacher began a demonstration, tying her forearm with a rubber band, saying “this is how you bring up a vein” and etc.

And now they mean it seriously. Ugh.

jwolf on January 6, 2010 at 9:10 AM

yea they put out this pamplet yet they still treat smoking a joint like your killing society. no wonder america is going to crap.

larry harris on January 6, 2010 at 2:27 PM