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Dreaming Of An Obama Christmas Party

posted at 5:24 pm on December 8, 2009 by

The White House is throwing two politically correct “holiday parties” for the press, and so many journalists want to go that President Obama’s flacks are forfeiting their tickets so their buddies in the Fourth Estate can attend.

Roll Call broke the story, and FishBowlDC reprinted the news (that’s what you get for hiding your content behind a pay wall, Roll Call):

Reporters hounded staffers with Facebook messages, e-mails and phone calls seeking invites to the two soirees. Some would-be partiers were polite, but others “made angry demands,” our tipster says.

Overwhelmed, staffers decided to give up the festivities themselves. … Press Secretary Robert Gibbs is still likely to attend the events, each of which have invite lists of 225 people (a number that could rise to keep up with the clamor, we hear).

Reporters who actually cover the White House note that most of the coveted tickets are being eaten up by their “big bosses” — high-level producers and editors, many of whom work in New York — meaning that the party will likely be filled by people who usually don’t even set foot inside the press room.

Funny, I don’t remember stories about journalists begging, cajoling and badgering to get tickets to White House Christmas parties while George W. Bush was president. I wonder if Jon Meacham of Newsweek will attend Obama’s shindig in honor of the man he sees as a god.

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It would be hilarious if Obama gave the big-footing out-of-town journalists with Matthews-like leg-tingles roughly the same amount of time he gave all those people at the jobs summit last Thursday (or if it resembled that old MASH episode where Gen. MacArthur ‘visited’ the 4077).

jon1979 on December 8, 2009 at 7:30 PM

They just want to be there to personally thank them for the liberal media “bailout” they hope is forthcoming. The sad thing is that both the party and whatever funds or favors distributed will be on the taxpayer’s dime.

texabama on December 8, 2009 at 8:59 PM

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