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NY 23: The Tempest and the Tea Party

posted at 1:24 pm on November 4, 2009 by

A number of liberal Democrats today are celebrating Democrat Bill Owens’ victory over Conservative Doug Hoffman, but these liberals fail to realize that Conservatives are celebrating too. As Barack Obama meddled in local politics across the nation and poured money into obscure districts, Conservatives built upon the resolve that led to the first Tea Party and culminated last night in a lion’s roar directed at the GOP party elite. From RedState emphasis mine:

First, the GOP now must recognize it will either lose without conservatives or will win with conservatives. In 2008, many conservatives sat home instead of voting for John McCain. Now, in NY-23, conservatives rallied and destroyed the Republican candidate the establishment chose.“

Tea Party patriots are tired of Republicans treating them like children at the kids table. Tired of the “there, there” comments as average Americans question their compromises and suspect partnerships. When Republicans cross the aisle and double cross their constituents on Cap and Trade or health care, regular Americans are expected to tend to their families, pay their taxes and take no notice.

However, that simmering resistance reached a boiling point as Republicans used an old “business as usual trick.”

Meanwhile, the Republicans keep running ‘moderates’ who prove to be very useful to the Democrats… which keeps the growth of the State bubbling along at Bush levels. The radical nature of the current Administration makes the idea of ‘moderate’ compromise laughable. What’s the moderate position on freedom-crushing trillion-dollar health care and environmentalist legislation? They’re okay, as long as the Democrats pinky-swear to keep the cost under $800 billion? That’s the kind of promise no politician could keep, even if it was made in earnest. A moderate Republican is someone who lives in a state of perpetual surprise as he ponders the monthly bills for nanny-state government. What’s the point of electing people who are guaranteed to spend the rest of their political careers complaining about how they’ve been played for fools?”

Last night’s victory in NY 23 may be sweet for some Democrats, but Obama is not savoring this victory. Exit polling reveal that most voters who rejected local Democrats still supported the president. How much of that support lies in the administration’s strong arm tactics? The White House quickly moves with ACORN-like speed to silence its opponents with cries of racism or extremist labels. On the other side of the spectrum, the White House has used the Treasury Department to buy and to maintain support at the local level.

"Can You Hear Us Now?" The Allamon Cartoon Blog

"Can You Hear Me NOW?" The Allamon Cartoon Blog

In New York this arrangement was almost executed flawlessly. With Republicans backing the “white friend” of ACORN’s Bertha Lewis and big labor/SEIU backing Owens, Obama and the Democrats were guaranteed a friendly vote and if Scozzafava won, they could tout the unprecedented levels of bipartisanship in the age of Obama. In a bold move to continue the consolidation of power by radical Leftists, Obama invested a billion dollars into one Congressional district and ensured that the seat would become available this year.

Doug Hoffman’s candidacy was much bigger than him. It signaled the reemergence of the American citizen as “the ruler of the roost” and both parties have taken notice. Some career politicians find the notion of having to answer to “the people” galling, and continue to undermine the will of the people. However, politicians like representatives Steve King of Iowa, Michele Bachmann of Minnesota and of course, Sarah Palin, are continuing to shake up Washington.

The era of change has arrived and it appears that opportunistic politicians are the first thing to go:

Change is not an open ended mandate or a blank check. Change is a warning to either perform or meet the same fate as the last incumbent. And while Obama was clutching the keys to the kingdom in his dirty little hands, flying endlessly around the world, taking Air Force One on dates and primping and posing for magazine covers; ordinary Americans were losing jobs, families were cutting back, credit card bills piled up, vacations vanished and people came to work every day not knowing if it would be their last. Tonight was a major warning sign to Obama that these Two Americas cannot co-exist forever. And sooner or later Americans will want their White House back from its current lazy and debauched tenants.”

(h/t at The Allamon Cartoon Blog)

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The economy is issue number ONE.

The RNC should focus on finding candidates who believe in limited government, who are fiscally conservative, and who have a background in successful business / economics. Let the social issues play a secondary role.

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Tempest? Pontiac?

Jeff from WI on November 4, 2009 at 7:23 PM

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