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Video: Volunteers for Hoffman Explain the ‘Fight for the Heart and Soul of America’

posted at 2:58 am on October 25, 2009 by

At the Plattsburgh, N.Y., office of the Doug Hoffman congressional campaign Friday, I had the opportunity to interview local volunteers Jeremy Kain and Tony Maglione.

Jeremy mentions in the video that Hoffman supporters in the 23rd District special election are excited to see the national attention their campaign is getting. And as Tony says, “We need your help. We need you to come up here.”

Having visited Hoffman campaign offices in Watertown, Saranac Lake and Plattsburgh, I can attest that there is plenty of work for volunteers to do. Upstate New York is lovely this time of year, so if anyone wants to take a working vacation and get involved, I’m sure the folks at Hoffman HQ can find work for you to do.


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