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Another Noble Obamic Musing

posted at 3:15 pm on October 12, 2009 by

So now I see that Lanny Davis joins the chorus of lefties chastising us anti-liberals for not leaping to our feet to cheer President Barack H. Obama “winning” the Nobel Peace Prize for — for — well, I’ll get back to you about that part. David writes:

The strident Republican right filled with Obama-haters shamed themselves – and embarrassed fair-thinking conservatives – with churlish and venomous attacks on the Nobel Prize committee and Mr. Obama. The hypocrisy and irony were apparent. The same conservative partisans who cheered when Chicago lost its bid for the Olympics now booed when a U.S. president won the Nobel Peace Prize.

I suspect that Davis completely understands that what we’re angry about is that the award was simply handed to Obama for partisan political reasons, to give him some ammunition to use against Republicans, so he can continue driving the country further and further left with his magic cattle prod. It’s a dishonest award… and our American sense of justice and decency trumps any reflexive emotional chauvinism towards our country. Davis even titles his polemic “Obama’s Nobel Achievement;” it’s no achievement to be given something unearned as a political statement — or a bribe.

Similarly, we would never cheer an American victory in the Olympics engineered by some cunning interpretation of the rules to disqualify the actual winner, even if he was Chinese or Russian. For God’s sake, Davis, aren’t you American enough to be embarassed by “winning” unfairly?

Were this an honest Peace Prize award — when is the last time we had one? — we would have cheered. Suppose he accepts Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s recommendation to fight a counterinsurgency strategy in Afghanistan; suppose it succeeds. Then if the Norwegians were to award him the Peace Prize for helping bring democracy and peace to that corner of the globe (hah!), yes, I would applaud him. (Though I would wonder how a globe can have “corners.”)

But when they just bung it at him after nine months in office, during which he has done nothing to advance either world peace or a foreign policy that benefits the United States of America… Sorry, Lanny Davis, I’m not a mindless partisan automaton, creaking to its hind legs to clap metallic hands whenever the unAmerican Left holds up the sign reading “applesauce.”

Davis knows all this, but he bears false witness against us anyway. And why not? Look where he got his training, as Special White House Counsel for Bill Clinton, smearing every witness who truthfully testified about Clinton’s many crimes and felonies; Lanny Davis was weened on such polarizing and conscienceless lies.

So I have a new Obamic thought experiment — this one for both Lanny Davis and the One Himself:

  1. Mr. Davis, suppose that the Swedish Academy were to announce in 2010 that Barack Obama has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics — a prize that nobody in the entire world could possibly argue he deserves. Should we stand and cheer that, too? Must we cheer any “honor” bestowed upon the One, even if it is clearly unearned, thus dishonorable?
  2. Given that the Obamacle himself expressed grave doubts that he had earned such a prize, then signaled strongly that he would nevertheless accept it… if the Nobel Committee indeed handed him the Nobel in Physics — would Obama actually accept it?

The answers to these two questions would tell us a lot about not just the Americanness of the Left but its sanity as well. Alas, the questions will never be asked outside this blog; and the principals would refuse to answer them if they were — which itself tells us much more about the Left than some may realize.

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It’s sooo hard to be churlish and venomous when you are laughing so hard your sides ache… I think this award makes everyone look ridduculous.

P.S. I did not support the Chicago Olympic bid as it seems that Chicago has plenty of money problems to work on before looking for places to spend more. I’m sure the Fed gov’t would have had to bail them out if they got it. It wasn’t a political thing it was a practical thing.

kringeesmom on October 12, 2009 at 9:55 PM

Oh come on.. you know the answers already. Yes to both. We’re supposed to be happy for any accolades Obama gets because, according to idiots like O’Reilly, they shine greatness not only on Obama but on the U.S. as a whole. After all, maybe, as O’Reilly said, someone in the desert of Iran who believes the U.S. is bad bad bad will change their mind when they see the Nobel Committee says our president is A.O.K. What a bunch of … nevermind.

As for Obama accepting an award he doesn’t deserve… let’s be honest here… this man would accept a Woman of the Year award if it were given, claiming he was accepting it “On behalf of America’s women!” This man is so convinced of his own wonderfulness that he cannot help himself. If you give it, he will take it.

Mad Mad Monica on October 13, 2009 at 9:17 AM