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Whatever You Do, Don’t Fight Drag Queens

posted at 11:20 am on October 7, 2009 by

Non-political post alert, but we can’t focus on the big stuff all the time.  That way madness lies.

The vid above captures some low-lives in the UK (Swansea, to be a little more precise) picking fights with random strangers.  Nothing strange about that, it’s entirely commonplace in the UK after dark.

But what you really want to see starts around the one-minute mark, for the thugs then pick on two cross-dressing guys.  Easy target, right?

Not this time, as the guys in drag just happened to be cage fighters on a stag (bachelor) night.


It’s kinda difficult to tell what’s going on, partly because of the camera angle but also because the three yobs are seemingly floored by one punch (or more likely a lightning quick succession of punches.  Hee-yah!).

Watch in joy as the shirtless idiot proceeds to get up and stumble around, before falling over again.  The happy ending is that the still-dazed moron and his droogs are then nicked by the local police.

Rather than sending petty criminals like this to jail (which the UK cannot do, anyway, as there is no room left in any of its prisons – seriously), can we not just give them a severe beating?

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Somebody give that gal a cigar!

Rather than sending petty criminals like this to jail (which the UK cannot do, anyway, as there is no room left in any of its prisons – seriously), can we not just give them a severe beating?

Sadly, that, or anarchy, is the end result of courts refusing to mete out meaningful punishment to criminals. Either decent citizens take the law into their own hands or there is no law at all.

You are seeing more and more stories in UK papers celebrating people that beat up robbers and other miscreants. You also see plenty of stories taking the government to task when they try to for prosecute people who defend themselves. Perhaps Brits are seeing the light of where criminal coddling gets you.

DamnCat on October 7, 2009 at 11:43 AM

DamnCat – spoken like someone from the UK itself. You must follow the news there quite closely.

Sentences in the UK, for crimes from thievery to murder and everything in-between, are derisory. Partly this is due to the misguided sympathy of some judges and partly it is down to political interference, as Labour refuses to build more prisons, leaving no choice other than to let criminals go.

Which hardly deters them from committing further crimes in the future, of course.

Track-A-'Crat on October 7, 2009 at 11:54 AM

Nope I’m no limey and I don’t follow the papers there all that closely – but I see a lot of these stories pop up in blogs – more all the time. And it isn’t just the number of stories that has changed it is the tone of the reporting as well. In the last few years the papers have increasingly defended and praised the righteously outraged citizen defender while they have heaped scorn on the yahoos and government.

Invariably, the miscreant that gets a beat-down has a long record of getting away with increasingly destructive and violent acts. When police and courts are inept or impotent this trajectory of violence can only end with someone getting seriously hurt. Violent crime is out of control in The UK, especially in London – so much so that everyone knows someone who has been attacked or terrorized by criminals. I think even the liberal newspaper reporters and editors are sick of it and scared of it.

DamnCat on October 7, 2009 at 12:32 PM

What a waste. What a bloody waste of the precious time these guys have so little of. But what do we expect of kids brought up by “men without chests”? Behold our future, if we let Obama transform us.

J.E. Dyer on October 7, 2009 at 7:43 PM

DamnCat – you’re entirely correct. I’ve lived abroad since 2001, with short stays back home (the UK) from time to time, and the deterioration of the country in such a short period of time is marked. The most visible aspect of this is, as you say, the endemic violence. It is everywhere.

J. E. Dyer – yep, the UK’s present could be the US’ future, if the Left has its way here as much as they did there. And when that happens, it’s game over – two Europe’s will not do the world any good at all.

Track-A-'Crat on October 8, 2009 at 7:40 AM