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Fall Thoroughbred Racing Schedule Posted at The New York Times—Opinionators Rich, Krugman, and Dowd Seen as Early Favorites in Dinosaur Journalism Classic

posted at 9:42 am on September 20, 2009 by

With the continuing deterioration of their “fearless leader”, the jackals of journalism at the New York Times–the new leader in tabloid yellow journalism–look to be “early favorites” going down with liberal socialist agenda President Obama so famously disguised last year as his quest for hope and change.  With astronomic deficit spending, (nine trillion and counting), a deteriorating foreign policy where dictator hugging has become the norm, and unemployment reaching double digits, record inflation and middle class tax increases are just around the corner.  Or should I say “coming down the home stretch”?  The odds makers/pollsters are not painting a pretty picture for next year’s national election races that even has Obama pushing the New York State Governor out to early pasture.

Couple this with Obama’s latest quest to legalize and add 12 million plus to the government welfare rolls, (think new voters), and his own voter fraud industry crumbling in scandal, is it really surprising that the New York Times, (and the liberal bastion of mainstream media) are leading the charge to attack the messengers while ignoring the message?

With the last best hope of tamping down the national dissent, the liberals played “their joker” in the hand they’ve been dealt—the race card—with Maureen Down leading the charge last week with her “you lie, boy” reference/dribble about Joe Wilson’s break with decorum while listening to Obama’s “fabrications”.  Two lengths behind and closing fast is Frank Rich in this classic/classless diatribe that implicates conservatives as being racist and angry domestic terrorist.  Rich goes after Glen Beck first and then adds a myriad of favorites, (Palin, Fox News, O’Reilly, Limbaugh, and Hannity) and then frames the Republican Party like this:

“Now, as then, a Dixie-oriented movement like this won’t remotely capture the White House. Now, unlike then, it is a catastrophe for the Republicans. The old G.O.P. Southern strategy is gone with the wind. The more the party is identified with nasty name-calling, freak-show protestors, immigrant-bashing (the proximate cause of Wilson’s outburst at Obama) and, yes, racism, the faster it will commit demographic suicide as America becomes ever younger and more diverse” LINK

 The New York Time’s “other Maureen Dowd” explains how the angry masses (and racist) are fueled by Glen Beck.  He even gets in a dig on his favorite conservative female, Sarah Palin.  Rich’s opinion reeks of the same garbage Dowd spews, but with far better “distinction” and bravado.  As the Times continues to fade into the dust of journalist history, Rich and the rest of the liberal drones will ratchet up their vile disdain for any conservative thought—almost like a parting shot.  With their glorious leader tanking in every poll with his aggressive agenda that is financially wrecking this nation’s economy, their relevance will be further marginalized in the months ahead. Open betting pools for who has the first mental breakdown has begun—-get your bets in early, this could be a short three horse race between Dowd, Krugman, and Rich, with a strong handicap on Dowd.  At this posting Krugman appears to be bringing up the rear, but the oddsmaker”s have him rated as a strong closer.  Get your drinks and popcorn early.

Addendum: Additional race invitations were sent out to “other horses”, Matthews, Olbermann, Maddow, Gibson, Couric, and Blitzer, but apparently they were lost by the ever efficient U.S. Postal Service and therefore scratched from this race.  Also, the odds of them being relevant, (or in Gibson’s case, informed), were so high; handicaps were not available at post-time. Promoters were discussing the possibility of a second race for the “also-rans”, but government sponsorship money was said to be trickling in like a cash for clunkers deal.

Addendum two: Shuster and Sanchez were invited as spectators only.

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speaking of government sponsorship money how about that GM ad running wall to wall with the new CEO where he is pushing the new 60 day money back gaurantee and says ” we’re putting our money where our mouth is ”

Can someone explain that to me?

bluegrass on September 20, 2009 at 12:25 PM

I recommend that you just go play slots in the casino.

uknowmorethanme on September 20, 2009 at 2:00 PM

3R’s for these teaching moments
Revolting Racist Rhetoric?

RealityCheck4 on September 20, 2009 at 6:20 PM